Taking care of dogs with DogTrac

Tiny price for peace of mind

From 1st August 2015 Finchley Dog Walker will be one of the few dog walkers using technology as all dogs in my care will have not only a name tag with my details on as they do now but I will be using dogtrac.com for the dogs I walk – I have already started using these for my own dogs, After all, our dogs are part of the family, our best friends, not just valued possessions, and to lose them is so much more than an inconvenience or expense – it’s utter heartbreak.

Information (Technology)

How many of us have thought ‘if only they could talk’? Well, DogTrac is about as close as it gets.

A DogTrac tag conveys everything he would tell them: Owners’ (and an alternative) name and contact details, vet’s contact details, insurance details, medical issues, even pet-hates (pardon the pun) such as cats or children as well as any particular likes, plus age, gender (in case they’re unsure how to check) and other relevant information.

If the worst should happen and your dog goes missing on a walk, or gets out, simply tap the ‘Lost Dog’ button on the DogTrac app, or via the ‘lost my dog’ link on the website and an IMMEDIATE alert is emailed and texted to EVERYONE in the ‘DogWatch’ community, within a 5-mile radius!

The DogTrac tag can be scanned by anyone who finds your dog – no waiting for a warden or hoping the finder will go to a vet’s surgery – and will give them the above information, but also it INSTANTLY sends YOU an alert via text & email informing your dog has been found with a map pinpointing his precise location.