A dog is for life – not just for Christmas!

Christmas is coming and Remember a Dog is for life

The days are passing by and its now only a few weeks until Christmas. The shops are full of festive lights, seasonal music is playing and everyone is searching for that one off, amazing gift that the recipient will be over the moon to own. Don’t make your choice of gift this year be a puppy. Although giving an animal as a gift isn’t always a bad choice, if the purchase is made without any proper research and on a festive whim, then it’s certainly not a suitable gift.

Puppy Farms

Just now, in puppy farms around the UK and in Europe, the Christmas rush means that bitch dogs are living in small, lonely, cramped cages, and will have either just given birth to puppies, or be about too, so that their offspring will be ready to leave them to be given as gifts.  Young puppies are sometimes taken away from their mothers before they are properly weaned and are too immature to leave the parent dog. A pup should not be advertised as for sale and for rehoming under 8 weeks old. This time with the rest of the litter and its mother, is essential for its future development.

Bring an end to Puppy and Battery Farming

In recent years, a worrying new system has arisen in the industry of animal traders, especially the problem of Battery Farming, or Puppy Farming. This inhumane, abusive and cruel practice has recently come under fire from organisations such as the RSPCA and PETA. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy a puppy from one of these breeders:

  • They are not skilled breeders and lack the experience, training and knowledge to breed pedigree dogs
  • Any dog bred on a puppy farm will not be from a pure breed and could suffer from physical health problems as a result of poor breeding
  • The dog, more than likely will have behavioural problems, injuries or hereditary ailments
  • They will not be able to produce registered or authentic documents to trace the lineage of the dog
  • The dog will be bred in inhumane, cramped conditions, where the needs and welfare of the dog don’t come into consideration with the breeder
  • Many dogs are bred from continuously, with no break from pregnancy

Please don’t be one of those people who promotes this vile trade! DON’T buy a puppy as a present!  Together we aim to stop Puppy Farming by making the correct choice when buying a dog, and where possible, to give a rescue dog a good home.





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