A portrait to remember your beloved pet

You never forget the dogs that have loved you, but time can fade memories
If you’re like most people, you have memorials of the dogs you have loved, whether they are simple framed photos, an album on Facebook, their old toys and leads, a stone or cross out in the garden, or even a painted or commissioned portrait.

1. My Scruffy – best dog ever. Pastel on paper.

scruffy1  A portrait to remember your beloved pet
These memorials often make you cry, especially on anniversaries, but more often make you smile as you remember the good times: ball chasing, walks in the park, cuddles, chewed shoes, trips in the car, tricky times at the vet and sitting quietly together.
Fine art pet portraits can enhance your memories and your home
It can be pricey, but if you can afford it, a painted pet portrait not only brings back memories, but can also be a perfect complement to your home. Whatever your art choice, there is a pet-portrait artist out there who can provide what you prefer, whether it’s a traditional photo-like oil painting, a drawing or even an abstracted modern style.

2. Dante from London. Ink on paper.

dante  A portrait to remember your beloved pet
Pet portraits with style
My style is figurative, which means that I paint or draw in a very realistic fashion, though I do use different media, depending on my clients’ requirements. My work ranges from pen-and-ink line drawings, graphite and charcoal through to dry and oil pastels and oil paintings. My favourites are those where pets are depicted in luxurious settings, done in oil paint on canvas board.


3. Milo from Basingstoke. Oil on canvas board.

milo  A portrait to remember your beloved pet
So, consider commissioning a fine art portrait or having one done for a friend or relative. It’s a gift that will never fade or get hidden under other stuff, and will bring happy memories.

4. Muffy from South Africa. Oil on canvas board.

muffy  A portrait to remember your beloved pet

This blog post was written by Jennie Harborth of Jennie’s Pet Portraits

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