King Charles spaniel

Characteristics and special needs of the King Charles spaniel

king-charles-spaniel King Charles spanielBreed group Toy
Size Small
Life span  12 years and upwards
Exercise  Low with just an hour a day
Grooming  High Maintenance and needs grooming at least once a week
Coat length Medium
Coat sheds?  Does not shed
Home size  Suitable for most homes including flats
Garden size Suitable for all gardens
Known Problems: Back problems, ear infections, eye problems
There aren’t many dogs around like this one. The appealing little face, the wide, trusting eyes, large floppy ears and the glossy coat all combine to make this one of the most attractive dog breeds around. It is easy to see why they are so popular among people of all ages and, indeed, why they do consistently well at dog shows. The breed’s full name is the King Charles Cavalier spaniel and it is classed as a toy dog by the UK Kennel Club.

This is most certainly a friendly, placid kind of dog that is very much at home around children and is happy to socialise with other dogs. They love walking and, once back at home, are never more content than being allowed to curl up in the most comfortable and warm place they can find. If that is on your lap or on the best settee then they couldn’t be happier! Best not to allow this at moulting time though which happens to be twice a year.

One good feed a day is plenty but you will have to be very hard-hearted to resist the longing looks they give you if they fancy a bit more. They certainly have a mesmerising stare and the weak willed owner is bound to give in to this emotional blackmail. The down side to that though is that the dog can get a little overweight, and this is not good for the heart.

This is definitely a dog for the family, or single adult, who has time to devote to its well-being. They are a demanding dog on the emotional front, less so where exercise is concerned. Dog training classes will work wonders for most spaniels as they have an intelligence and willingness to please but sometimes those qualities only go so far. You have to persist with them if it is your wish to have an obedient little dog. If you don’t do so then this animal will rule the roost while displaying huge amounts of affection towards you at the same time. Quite a clever creature in fact!

The best advice when looking for a Cavalier spaniel puppy is to concentrate on reputable breeders. They have a fairly delicate constitution and you are likely to get problems if you choose to buy your puppy from a pet shop or an unregistered breeder. They really need to be in tip top health from the start and it is a great idea to choose a pup that is still with its mother at the time you are looking. Having chosen one of these adorable little dogs though you should be rewarded with a good number of years of faithful and loving canine companionship.

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