Did you miss me? I’m back

lim-back-300x157 Did you miss me? I’m backHi everyone! Well, things have been pretty silent around these parts, haven’t they?

No, I didn’t get back to being an office worker and I didn’t forget about my love for pets. The reason, I’m afraid, is plain old health troubles.

Back in August, I got some bramble scratches – sounds pretty innocent, right? Unfortunately, they caused my legs to swell and triggered a life-threatening illness which resulted in me being admitted in the hospital on the 1st of October so I guess you could say I had an interesting Halloween. The infection then attacked an older kidney transplant and my heart, which kept me in the hospital all the way till December.

But you know me, I like to stay positive and it takes more than a few life-threatening health issues to put me down. Now I’m finally getting my strength back and can’t wait to resume my services! So, if you have pets, good news! Starting Tuesday 13 April (after Easter), it’s business as usual and you can contact me again for dog walking and pet sitting services.

That’s right, not just dogs, pets, because in addition to the usual dog walking service I am now available for cat sitting. If you plan on going on holiday and need someone to look after your cat while you’re gone, I will come to your home to feed, play, and clean up after your cat.

I will also be introducing another new service, dog walks for older dogs. As you may know, older dogs get tired a lot easier but they still need the occasional walk to stay in shape and live longer. I can help you keep your old dog active by going on light walks and doing play in the park or garden.

Even if it’s been a tough few months and I missed my dogs more than anything, I’m grateful to still be around which was touch and fo and be able to do what I love most: look after animals.

Let’s get back in touch, shall we? What have you and your pets been up to?



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