Dog Safe Halloween

dogs-and-halloween Dog Safe HalloweenHalloween is a time of year of excitement for all. Children are overjoyed with the concept of gaining access to awful amounts of candy and parents are doing everything possible to keep their little ones safe. It is equally important for pet parents to ensure the safety of their beloved dog as many accidents can happen before we know it. In addition to any accidents, dogs have a tendency to become confused when there is a change, so here are some tips to keep your confused pup from hurting himself or accidentally scaring or injuring a child with all the commotion going on.


When trick or treaters are out in force it can be a very noisy environment for a dog. To keep down the confusion for your pup let him have a quiet space to himself. Put him in a crate or a quiet room. Close the drapes over the window. Give him toys that will keep him busy, such as a stuffed Kong and maybe even play some music to drown out the sound of the children coming to the door

Door Bell

The entire night will be filled with sounds of children running around, but one of the most obvious excitement triggers for many dogs is the common door bell. The sound of a door bell can and will send some dogs into a panicked barking fit. This can scare off children even if the dog is not aggressive and makes for a stressful situation for the dog. Dogs are trained to warn us of intruders they are used to the sound of the doorbell being followed by visitors. That is the reason they bark. To alleviate this issue simply disconnect the doorbell.

Kid’s Costumes

Children’s costumes are becoming more and more elaborate with each passing year. Many costumes are consumed with brightly coloured dangly pieces that are very attractive to a dog. It is understandable that the money and effort that is put into a costume does not need to be ruined by the dog. To avoid having the dog ruin your child’s costume make sure that if the dog does approach them sniffing or even nipping at the costume that they do not move erratically. The best course of action is to remain as still as possible and allow the dog to explore. Erratic movement can cause the dog to become overly excited and damage the costume. They are not trying to be bad. They are just naturally curious.

Do Not Force a Costume on a Dog

The trend to dress up a dog is becoming more prevalent. It is very cute when a dog is dressed up as practically anything, but it may not be so cute to the dog. Some dogs genuinely enjoy wearing clothes, but many times a Halloween costume is not standard clothing and therefore can be quite constraining and confusing for the dog. The best course of action is to attempt to put the costume on the dog, but if he wiggles or fights to get out of it, do not force it on him. Your dog will be just as cute in a fancy bandana or a nice collar. Even though you want him to participate in the Halloween festivities it may not be possible, so try to avoid forcing your dog into a situation he or she does not want to be in.

Keep Them Safe

There is a lot of focus on safety around Halloween and for good reason. Children are taught to be very careful during this time because you may not be able to tell exactly who you are talking to if they have a mask or face paint on. As much as children’s safety is enforced, it is equally as important to keep your dog safe at this time of year. The world is full of mischief and at times even evil. There have been many times where a dog has been let out of the home or escaped a fence only to become the victim of some disgusting Halloween prank. Although you may believe that you live in the most safe environment and the best neighbourhood, evil can creep up and take your precious dog away from you, so keep them safe and primarily indoors at this time of the year.

Careful of Sweats

Most of us understand the dangers of sweats and chocolates to a dog, but around Halloween we tend to leave bowls of  simply lying around. This can be hazardous to the dog’s health, so keep sweats out of reach of your dog to ensure he does not come in contact with any harmful chocolate pieces.

Halloween is a time of dressing up and having fun. During all the fun a dog can become frightened and even injure himself in the process, so for the sake of the dogs, do everything in your power to keep them safe.



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