Puppy Sitting Service

Puppy Sitting Service, Finchley


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I run two different services under this heading, one is for regular puppy sitting and the other for shorter term needs such as when you are on holiday or otherwise unavailable to be with your puppy, possibly work commitments or a short break. Under both services however I stick to the same policies and the only difference is how long you need me for, the same dedication, passion and vigour is used whether I am there for an hour or a week, whether it’s daily or annually.   Puppies are very much like babies, they cannot be left alone and need stimulation, social interaction and sometimes just a cuddle and a play to keep them happy. An unhappy pup will in turn make an unhappy owner, fact.

Puppies who are left alone for long periods of time will develop a catalogue of behavioural problems such as barking issues, chewing, and even aggression – these are highly regular outcomes of dogs who are lacking in stimulation, they become bored, nervous, lonely and scared and they show this by displaying what the untrained eye may see as ‘naughtiness’.

I have found during my 20+ years of experience working with dogs and pups that the best method is consistency. A pup needs to know his place in the world, much like their wild ancestors the wolf, knowing their place in the pack is vital for harmony, I assist you with this while you are away my adhering to the training and routine which you have already implemented or if need be we can create this together using your desires and my knowledge to come up with the best possible program.

I do not simply come to let your dog in or out and scoop the poop, I am far too passionate for that. I want your dog to be happy with my presence and this will mean lots of play, cuddles and affection – as well as the changing of puppy pads!

Your puppy has already undergone a massive change by leaving his/her litter mates and mother and now has to adapt to you leaving whether on a regular basis or as a one off, to add to this by putting the pup into boarding kennels would not benefit your puppy and possibly do more harm than good, on top of this kennels are extremely costly and you quite often are unaware of how your puppy will be whilst there. I want you to be fully in the picture of how me and your pup are getting on and be safe in the knowledge that all you asked for is being done, I am happy to send pictures, emails and messages whilst you are away to take away any worries that I as a dog owner myself realise, you are bound to have

Once the puppies are old enough they can then join us on our small group social walk