Doggy Christmas Stockings

Does your Dog receive a Christmas Stocking?

Hanging up Christmas Stockings over the fireplace is a long-standing tradition. We fill them with gifts, candies, toys and treats, basically anything that will fit into a stocking. They are certainly a fun factor of the festive period, and certainly one worth sharing with our four-legged pets.

Do you pamper your dog with festive gifts at this time of the year? There are many choices of canine gifts available to buy, both online and on the high street, from winter woollies to keep them warm outside, personalised blankets, chewy toys in all shapes and sizes, cuddly toys and even advent calendars suitable for dogs. If you’re an owner that loves to craft or bake, you can attempt to make your own toys or treats, without breaking the budget.

Here are my suggestions of pet-friendly gifts that your dog would love to receive in his Christmas stocking.

A comedy outfit

These days, the majority of humans wear a bright, cheery jumper on Christmas Day, and there is no reason why your dog shouldn’t join in the fun too. With many comedy outfits for sale, your pooch can become a snowman or Father Christmas, or place a pair of reindeer antlers on him. Take a brisk walk around the Park after your festive lunch, and see how many other dogs dressed in Christmas outfits you can spot.

Personalised accessories

Online stores sell many products that you are able to personalise with your pet’s name, or initials. A pet blanket, feeding bowl or collar would be very welcome and useful gifts.

Grooming brush

During the winter months, chances are that your dog will return from his walks with muddy fur. Once dried, a dog brush will remove the dried dirt and also give his coat an amazing shine. Your pet will soon look forward to a massage as you brush his coat each day.

Cuddly toy

Unless your dog is a toy-wrecker or a constant chewer, a cuddly toy is a good gift to receive. Ensure that it’s a soft toy intended for dogs that are usually more durable with no small noses or eyes that could easily be chewed off or swallowed.

Snacks and Treats

We all tend to over indulge with food over the Christmas period, but treats such as dental chew sticks, gravy bones and hard biscuits, if stored correctly, will last your dog for months. It’s sometimes handy to place a few treats in your pocket when you go for a walk with your dog, especially if you’re in the process of training a younger dog.

Make your own Christmas stocking for your dog

Many pet stores sell branded stocking gifts, with the contents varying largely depending on which store you’re looking in, however, the contents are usually very similar. Toys, treats and bones. A good idea is to opt for a selection of all 3 items. If you’re on a budget, some of the Pound stores sell small bags of dog choccies, chews and treats. Your dog really won’t be concerned if the gift is presented in a furry, red stocking, he will be more interested in the contents.

At this time of the year, Christmas shopping can be fraught with stress, as we battle other shoppers, queues and the weather, in the fight to find the perfect gifts. Just remember, that it’s the thought of giving a gift that is more appreciated, and your pet will certainly enjoy his Christmas morning, present opening. Take care with how you wrap their gifts and try to avoid using sellotape, ribbons and other fancy decorations that can be a choking hazard if chewed or swallowed.

Here at Finchley Dog Walker we wish everyone a fun and safe christmas

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