Finchley to Muswell Hill

 A walk with your doggy companions

dog-walking-finchley-e1503259961628-225x300 Finchley to Muswell HillIf you enjoyed our recent Dollis Valley walk then I am sure you will enjoy our walk from Finchley to Muswell Hill

We began today’s route at Summer Lane, walked a short way down until we came to Glebelands on the right-hand side. We then walked at a slow pace across the Glebelands with Missy and Roxy chasing after the ball, until we reached the estate. On the right-hand side is a side road that we followed, turning to the right and sticking to the road we came upon the recycle area and rubbish dump. If you wish, you can take a left turn, and then right to the school and follow this route you will discover Coppets Wood and scrubland area.

Coppets Wood – The history of Coppets Wood is quit intriguing, as it was once Forestland, previously named Finchley Wood. By the 16th Century it was a smaller common area, and in the 17-18th Centuries was well known for sporting events such as pigeon shooting, horse racing and bare-knuckle boxing. It’s also reputed to be a highwayman’s stomping ground.   You will mainly discover hornbeam and oak trees, with many breeding birds, including sparrow-hawks, tawny owls and woodpeckers.

After a short wander around you will come to a T in the path, the left-hand fork will essentially take you back to where you came in.  We took the right-hand fork past some very nice apple trees (ideal for scrumping this time of year) and followed it along down some stairs until we came out in Colney Hatch Lane (Near Ashley Tesco). As this route is now next to the busy road, I put the dogs in the lead for and turned right along Colney Hatch and across the North Circular, which brings you out at Trott Road.  Head up Trott Road past the allotments and you will come to a turning on the left by the mini roundabout.  Take this road and it will bring you to where the Crouch End Vamps play, walk past the clubhouse and you will be on Muswell Hill Playing fields, a great place to let the dogs off for a run and play ball.

 Muswell Hill Playing Fields – Titled as Metropolitan Open Land, the Playing Fields are designated for recreational purposes, offering 6 grass football pitches and a couple of other areas that have previously been used for playing cricket, so ample open areas for the dogs to have a good run around.   At the other of the playing field is Coldfall Woods.

Entrance_to_Coldfall_Wood_Creighton_Avenue_Muswell_Hill_London_N10_-_geograph.org_.uk_-_1742852-300x199 Finchley to Muswell HillColdfall Woods – Here you can enjoy a ramble around the ancient woodlands and look at what is locally known as the Everglades whilst your dog chases squirrels (or in Missy’s case plays ball) and has a good sniff around. The trees here have been coppiced and cut to their base to allow light into the woods, which benefits the wildlife and wildflowers. The wood that has been chopped has been left to rot and decay and provides homes for hedgehogs and many insects and beetles.

At this stage you can then walk to one of the entrances on Creighton Avenue which will lead you to Colney Hatch Lane where you can get a bus back to Finchley or if you are feeling really adventurous cross over and go down Alexander Park Road and join the Palace route for even more fun.

Alexandra Palace Parkland – Known locally as “Ally Pally”, The Palace here features an amazing blend of modern technology, fascinating history and Victorian splendour in its 196 acres of stunning parkland. Entertainment is provided with an animal enclosure, although it’s best to keep your dog’s away so as not to alarm the animals; a kiddie’s playground, boating lake and an ice rink. There are also welcome stops for refreshments after a long and adventurous walk.