It’s okay, my dog is friendly?

All Dogs Are Friendly if They are out in Public. Right?

Our dogs are our worlds and we desire nothing more to take them with us wherever we venture. We take them everywhere and more and more businesses are catering to the dog-loving crowd by allowing our furry friends into their stores. This is great news for dog lovers, but can also be quite dangerous with all of the different types of dogs walking around. There are certain rules that should be followed by all dog owners in regards to the respect of other dogs on leashes.

All Dogs are not Friendly

It is common to believe that all dogs are friendly especially if you happen to have the friendliest dog in the neighbourhood. Your dog may be curious when it comes to the other dogs walking around with their owners, but you never should allow your dog to simply walk up to another. All dogs are not friendly. Some dogs are very protective of their owners and can consider your dog’s intrusion as an attack on their human. Many fights have started when a friendly dog approaches a very protective dog and the dog misinterprets their motives resulting in a fight. Even if your dog is friendly you should keep him from other dogs out in public for everyone’s safety.

Respect for Others

Space is a very prized possession in today’s society. Many people are a lot more closed off to strangers when they are out in public. It is important that you respect the space of the other dogs, but also the space of the other dog owners. Some owners are simply trying to get to where they need to be without having to converse with anyone else. It is not that they are trying to be rude, but that they are just in a hurry and it is wise to respect their space and not allow you or your dog to infringe upon it.

Nervous Dogs

While out in public you will encounter all types of dogs. Some will be friendly, some can be aggressive, but you also have the case where a dog is nervous around strangers. There are dogs that like their owners and get scared of other people as well as other dogs. Dogs that have been mistreated in the past can often be very mistrusting to intruders. This mistrust can make the dog cower when others come around making them much harder for the owner to walk. Many owners may have to pick up their frightened dog in order to keep moving and comfort them.


There is also the case that the frightened dog may bite your dog or even you if you get too close. Dogs who feel trapped can and will lash out at whoever they feel is trapping them. It is a natural response that can have some very damaging results. Keep your distance when approaching a dog that seems nervous for the safety of yourself, the nervous dog, and your dog as well.

When to Keep Your Dog on a Lead

Walking your dog is a wonderful way to bond with them. You and your dog are able to have some time outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. There are some areas within every city that leash laws are relaxed in favour of allowing dogs to actively play with their owners. These are the times where you need to examine whether or not your dog can handle being off of a leash. There are some dogs that have a great bond with their owner and will listen to every command, but there are also dogs that may not be so in tune with their owner’s voice.

There are many distractions while out in public that may take your dog’s attention away from the task at hand. The lure of another dog can be tempting for many and there is also the case where your dog may pick up a scent and want to find out what that amazing smell is. If your dog is able to come back to you simply by you calling them then you can allow your dog to remain off of a leash, but if you have trouble getting your dog to listen to your commands you need to keep him on a leash at all times.

All of these rules are here for the protection of you as well as your dog. You may have a very friendly dog, but that does not mean that other dogs and owners are so inviting. Some owners like their dog and their dog alone and may also have small children who can easily be frightened by dogs. You want everyone to be safe while you are out on your walks with your dog and you desire that your walks with your dog are special. They will be great as long as you abide by these rules and keep your dog at a distance from other dogs.

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