Living with a Dog

Handy hints for a clean home

dog-2579871_640-300x169 Living with a DogAs a dog owner, chances are that you’re most likely healthier and happier with a doggy friend, but the bad news, is that your home isn’t always in the best shape. It’s wonderful coming home after a day at work to be greeted by your favourite pet, but it’s not so fantastic to have to clean muddy paw prints from your sofa, and cleaning dog hair from the carpets. If you don’t want to spend the entire day doing housework, here are some of our valuable tips.

Prevent the dog hair from flying everywhere

Brushing your dog’s coat frequently is very important, especially if you have more than one dog living in the house. Just five minutes a day brushing, will reduce all the loose fur that floats around the room, not to mention the fact that your dog will love the quality time you spend with him. A lint roller will remove any dog hair from your clothes and furniture quickly, and a floor mop covered with a dry cloth will collect hair balls quicker than a sweeping brush.

Stop dirty paw marks at the front door

Place a door mat both inside and outside of your front door, to reduce the amount of dirt that is walked into the house after a muddy dog walk. Keep some pet wipes handy too, to wipe off any build-up of mud from your pet’s paws when you return from a walk. Your dog will soon get used to this routine.

Clean up any toilet accidents as soon as possible

It’s important to clean up any mess as soon as possible, to prevent any smell, stain and soiling on your carpet. There are special pet products available, that will neutralise any odour and remove any staining.

Don’t use expensive flooring

As a dog owner, I would really recommend you try to avoid fitted carpets, but if you really must have one, choose a low pile range which is much easier to shampoo and keep clean. An inexpensive rug is the best choice, as you won’t feel too annoyed if you have to throw it away. Ceramic tile or wooden flooring are ideal, much easier to sweep and mop and they won’t be damaged by your dog’s vomit or urine stains.

Choose a sensible, easy to clean dog bed

At the pet store, don’t be lured by the fluffy lined, luxurious pet beds, which can prove a nightmare when its time to wash them. Choose one that is easy to wipe down or wash, and if possible, leave outside in the sunshine to air whenever you get the chance.

Clean your dog’s toys regularly

It isn’t only the dog’s bed that needs to be regularly cleaned, the lead and his toys also need to be freshened up. If machine washable, put them on a quick wash cycle, or hand wash with a mild detergent, then leave outside to dry in the sunshine.

How to get rid of doggy smells

There are many fragrant candles and air freshener sprays that you can buy to mask the smell of dog in your home, but take care if your pet is extra sensitive to any of these commercial products. There are many natural alternatives that you can try:

  • Soy or beeswax candles
  • Essential oils that can be mixed with water in a spray bottle, and spritzed around the rooms
  • Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda onto fabrics and leave overnight then vacuum off to remove nasty odours
  • White wine vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle will eliminate some pet odours
  • Open the windows and let the breeze freshen your rooms

It’s never going to be easy to prevent your home from smelling of your pets, but with a little bit of hard work, you can attempt to eliminate some of the nasty odours. Consider keeping one room in your home “pet free”, where you can entertain any friends and visitors, without them becoming covered in your dog’s hair.


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