Take care in this extremely stormy weather

We appear to be threatened by forecasts of high winds and heavy rain in the UK just now, and we would suggest that pet owners take extra precautions to protect their animals and to make sure that they are safe and secure.

Walking your dog in stormy weather

53518730_10157099748419621_6345878935061921792_n-300x225 Take care in this extremely stormy weatherNo dog owner looks forward to taking their dogs for a walk when it’s raining heavily, and many of our canine friends don’t welcome the idea either. However, every dog needs to venture outside for exercise and toilet routines, so regardless of the nasty weather, you need to bite the bullet and take yourself and your pooch outside. Make adequate consideration towards your outdoor clothing, wearing wet weather gear and appropriate footwear. An umbrella is sometimes more of a hindrance when walking and trying to control your dog at the same time. When you arrive home, towel dry your dog paying attention to his feet and paws. You won’t want muddy footprints into your lounge.

Avoid busy roads

If your dog is one that doesn’t enjoy splashing in puddles and really hates the rain, try to walk away from busy roads. Safety always has to come first when you take a dog out for a walk at any time especially when the conditions are not as good as they could be. If you decide to walk to the park, beware of falling branches. Keep your dog on the lead if it’s stormy as he may not hear your recall shout and the last thing you need to be doing in the rain is looking for a lost dog.

Exercising your dog indoors

Of course, during the wet weather, it’s not always practical to go dog walking outside, so have some fun with your dog inside the house.  You can stimulate your dog both physically and mentally by doing some of these activities:

Run up and back down the stairs – you stand at the top and throw a favourite toy down to your dog. Shout his name and let him return the toy to you. Repeat a few times.

Build an obstacle course – choose household objects and construct an improvised course. Build tunnels with cushions and boxes to climb into.

Search for treats – hide some of your pet’s favourite treats behind doors, under rugs and around the rooms, then let your delighted dog track them down.

Stormy weather can also cause damage to your property and boundary fences, so before you let Fido out into the garden, check that all fencing is secure so that he cannot escape. Above all, stay safe if you are outdoors with your dog. A good rule to adhere to, is that if you wouldn’t go outdoors in the horrible weather, chances are you don’t want your dog to go outside either.

Here at Finchley Dog Walker we always make sure that everyone stays safe when out walking and therefore reserve the right to shorten walks in extreme weather (or indeed play indoors or the garden)