The Scoop on Dog Pooh Bags – There’s a better alternative


Dog walking can have a variety of benefits. It’s not only great exercise and a clever way to burn off excess calories, but also further cements the bond between you and your adorable pet. However, we often tend to overlook those benefits when our dogs want to stop – and pop a nuggets out.

The ‘doggie pooh bag’ has traditionally been the most common method for collecting your dog’s waste. But think about this for a moment: during those long one2one dog walking  sessions, is it really the most practical and cost-effective one?

But what about the biodegradable bags that everyone keeps talking about? Those, unfortunately, may not be the best way to dispose your dog’s waste, as they don’t break down properly in a landfill – so at the end of the day, we’re looking at more problems for the environment.
With dog walking in Finchley being so popular, every owner has to deal with dog pooh at some point, which can be a rather complex issue in this day and age – but it doesn’t have to be. Despite the ban on plastic which is gaining momentum all across the globe, plastic grocery bags happens to be a highly practical and cost-effective solution to getting rid of your dog waste.

Ask any “expert”, and they’ll tell you that the best way to dispose doggie waste is to scoop up the pooh, bag it properly and discard it in the trash. Any other way can not only contaminate the soil and streams but also sicken people, muddy up our water supply and harm marine life.

Do an Amazon search on “dog pooh bag” or something along the same lines, and you’ll get results with over 3,000 products, proudly making claims to be the go-to answer to your dog waste disposal woes. And even though there are brands that say their bags are compostable or biodegradable, these categories in themselves aren’t exactly well-defined. In fact, many of them are outright meaningless. Only three years ago, the FTC (federal trade commission) issued a warning to 20 dog pooh bag manufacturers, stating that their environmental claims were either deceptive or completely false.

Repurposing these plastic bags can provide a ‘second life’ to something that’s otherwise considered a single-use item around the house.
Plastic grocery bags whikst  used to be 99% of shops charge 10 p now

No matter how you see it, plastic bags are destined for the landfill so why not put them to good use? Save yourself some extra cash and hashtag this while you’re at it: #justonemoreuse.

Finchley Dogwalker is the answer to bespoke dog walking and cat sitting in Finchley and where possible we recycle plastic bags incl picking up clean unused ones from the street