Things to do with Your Dog This April

icon_paw Things to do with Your Dog This AprilNow that Spring is coming and the weather has started to warm up why not get rid of some those winter blues and go for some long walks in the County (or not event that far). North London has some great places to go out dog walking. For example Trent Country Park

The magnificent stretches of Trent Country Park incorporate the wooded remnants of Enfield Chase, former royal hunting ground.  Muntjac deer, rabbits, pheasants are nowadays the proud inhabitants of the park, and if you are very lucky you can catch a glimpse of them roaming over their land.

icon_paw Things to do with Your Dog This AprilTicks and Fleas – Don’t forget whilst your dog will enjoy running in the sun and the long grass to make sure you regularly check for Fleas and Ticks and apply regular treatment, When you apply the flea treatment make sure you make a note of the date so you know when the next treatment is due
icon_paw Things to do with Your Dog This AprilBath Time – Most dogs find these two words swear words but now the weather is warming up why not spring clean your dog and give him a bath
icon_paw Things to do with Your Dog This AprilTake a break. Easter quite often falls in April or thereabouts so why not look at taking a break with your dog and stay in a dog friendly cottage.
icon_paw Things to do with Your Dog This AprilRun your own Doggy Easter Egg Hunt. Before people start to shout yes I know Chocolate is bad for dogs but a dog friendly Easter Egg Hunt can be run in a number of ways. For example you hide your dogs favourite treats around the garden such as tasty chicken bits or tasty sausages and watch your dog sniff them out.

Alternatively why not buy an Easter egg mound from somewhere like Amazon along with some packets of doggy choc.  Now simply melt the doggy choc and fill both half’s of the mould.  Once the dog friendly Easter egg has been made you can fill the hollow with his/her favourite treats

icon_paw Things to do with Your Dog This AprilAnother great place to take the dog is Virginia Water. It is a great place espeically for the dog that likes to swim

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