Who new…..Cookies that are simply Woof-tastic!!

From me a baker of bespoke bickies, the Cookie Queen of “Biscuit Town”, thank you to Derek for inviting me to blog on your walk-tastic site!!
So, where are we going with this I here you gggrowl, well, I actually bake treats and cookies for four legs (….as well as two!! ) and my Character Canine Cookies are very much the talk of the canine community…..and so I thought I should introduce myself here with the story, of how we were barking mad enough to create our canine cookie range !

It all started, as I had a client…a human client…who was salivating over our delicious cookie selections, but unfortunately , was diabetic. I started to research ways of creating a bake that would be tasty, but suitable and after much research well……who knew….along came a recipe that was based on Peanut Butter!!

Not content to leave it there , he later asked if his dog could try it!!!
well, not wanting to upset his four legged friends tender tum, and mindful that this was not just a simply “yes”……was amazed to discover, that there was a whole world of canine cookie recipes out there, that yes, were based on peanut butter!!!!

So after finally being able to say yes, I had suddenly acquired my very first FOUR LEGGED CLIENT…..this very quickly grew into us taking these products along with us to fairs, exhibitions , local pet stores and our now infamous facebook fan page was created….we even have the support of the Royal Standards Magazine, who have championed our cookies!!!

I knew our range of cookies, just had to be fun and full of four legged canine humour that would appeal to our clients sense of hound humour…..and so, we now have on our menu….

GGGGRRRRRanola bars, which are banana and Apple sauce flavours.
PUP cakes, with a peanut butter and bran selection.
CHOC DOG CHIPPED crunchy bones, with a pet friendly choc baked in.
PETIT FOUR-LEGGED treats are a round little tiny ball of tasty crunchy peanut butter bites.
JAMMY DOGGERS are our tea time sweet treat…but with diabetic strawberry jam, so absolutely pet friendly.
……our LATEST BAKE and proving very very popular, my four legged friends, is our “LIP LICKIN LIVER CAKE”
So, there you have it, thats the way the canine cookie crumbles and we would love to meet some of you on our facebook fanpage, to join in the canine capers, and also post your pets ob pour “Wall of Fame”. we hold canine comps and lately have been successfully reuniting lost dogs in our area…..isn`t facebook just fantastic!!!

Thanks again to Derek for inviting us onto your page, and wish you all a Woof-tastic 2014!!!!!

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