Why Pinch Collars should be banned

Why Pinch Collars should be banned

say-no-to-pinch-finchley-dog-walker-300x290 Why Pinch Collars should be bannedThe pinch collar (also known as the prong collar) is a dog collar that has metal spikes around it that are designed to pinch the skin around a dog’s neck when it pulls on a lead.

Pinch collars are known to have caused soft tissue damage, eye-problems, strangulation (and even death), tracheal/oesophageal damage, and neurological problems in many dogs as a direct result of the collars.

In addition both choke chains and pinch collars are designed to administer negative reinforcement and positive punishment. Training techniques based in these two learning theory quadrants are prone to side effects. As an example, a dog wearing a choke or pinch collar that fearfully barks and lunges at another dog would then be choked or pain inflicted by the pinch collar. The pain and choking then adds to the negative association the dog wearing the collar has with other dogs. This is the polar opposite of what an ideal training protocol is designed to accomplish.

For these reasons, pinch collars are an entirely unnecessary addition to the vast array of dog collars on the market. Even if a dog is free of reactivity issues, using a choke or pinch collar is unnecessary. Today there are many effective alternatives available for training and management of skills where choke and pinch collars have been traditionally used for teaching loose-leash-walking and formal/precision heel training.

Supporters of pinch collars argue that provided it is fitted properly and not left in situ after the walk that they are an entirely safe and effective method of preventing a dog from pulling, straining and lunging on its lead. They state that it doesn’t hurt the dog, but makes them uncomfortable enough to obey orders and not continue pulling, and that they are particularly effective for dogs that don’t respond to choke chains.

But why resort to pinch collars when more humane collars and good obedience training should render them unnecessary? It seems sensible that all training should be conducted in a manner that encourages animals to enjoy training and become more confident and well-adjusted pets. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) strongly oppose the use of pinch collars because of they inflict pain and suffering and because they can cause serious physical and emotional damage. They state that these collars should be completely banned. Here at Finchley dog walker, we would like to see a complete ban on these painful, unnecessary torture device

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