Specialist One 2 One Dog Walks from an experienced professional

Is your dog reactive towards other dogs and therefore needs walking on their own with a sympathetic handler?

Or are they an older dog who now prefers to take things at a steady pace?

Perhaps you have a youngster needing appropriate individual attention?

I provide One to One walks only, tailored to your dog’s needs, with an emphasis on fun and enrichment. Walks are from your front door – no crates or car journeys.


One To One Dog Walks
Are Perfect For

  • Older dogs
  • Reactive  dogs
  • Anxious
  • Blind or Deaf
  • Rescued
  • and much more

Finchley Dog Walker – One 2 One Dog Walking Specialist

To find out about Finchley Dog Walking Services, please contact Derek via WhatsApp on 07707763344, or email info@finchleydogwalker.co.uk

What I Do.

Having been around animals most of my life especially rescue dogs (and cats) along with running my own dog walking business since 2011, I have learned one important fact– the key to a contented, well-rounded dog is fun and both physical and mental exercise. Here at Finchley dog walker your dog will be entertained whilst learning, Our enhanced dog walks combine play and brain work suitable to your dog, allowing your dog to use their brain on walks will mean they come back fulfilled, contented and pleasantly tired – and I know they will have enjoyed our time together as much as I have

Enhanced DBS

I have an enhanced DBS via the scout association, and my insurance is with Pet Business Insurance

Trained & Professional

First aid trained (human and k9) volunteer at the Tip Top Dog School Along with a Pet sitting and dog walker diploma

Reliable & Trustworthy

We offer a reliable and dependable service and will always go the extra mile to meet yours and your pets needs

Caring & Affectionate

Your pet will receive only the highest level of love, care, affection, and respect and will be treated like he is my own

Services I Offer

Finchley Cat Sitting Service

The majority of cats can be rather territorial and sometimes don’t cope very well with stressful situations, so instead of putting them through the enormous trauma of removing them from their comforts and surroundings each time you take a holiday …

Daily pet care for dogs and other pets

Our ‘Daily pet care for dogs and other pets is perfect for all pets (except snakes, sorry!). With experience of both exotic and domestic animals we can do it all. We will keep you updated with photos via Dropbox or WhatsApp – the choice is yours…

Holiday care for dogs in your own home

Pet and house sitting is becoming more popular especially if you are a multi-pet household or have pets who simply prefer the comfort of staying at their own home when you are on holiday then Holiday care for dogs in your own home is perfect…

Dog walks for the Ill or Infirm.

It is an unfortunate and inconvenient fact of life that sometimes life deals us a rubbish hand and we can become ill or incapacitated. Accidents or illness can strike at any time and leave us struggling to carry out day to day tasks. If we are lucky the family…

Weekend Walks

A dog is a man’s…or woman’s best friend, but as we all lead increasingly busier lives the long walks you once had with your dog can get shorter and shorter as you time becomes stretched. Weekends can be very precious time for people, in the working week there seems to be not …

Working Walks – Training Walks

If you find that you spend most of your dog walking time playing fetch, or go on frequent daily walks, but you can’t seem to tire out your pooch, chances are you have a “High Energy” dog. This type of dog can be fun to be around, but training them is usually more challenging…

Bespoke One to One Dog Walks.

I know that, although dogs are sociable animals, not all of them cope well with being in a group and this could be for any number of reasons. Elderly dogs may prefer to walk without the distraction of younger dogs jumping around them. At the same time, puppies can often get too excitable or too nervous, which can prevent them from learning properly. Some dogs may benefit from some basic training, and I can incorporate this into our walks. I use positive methods only and will follow any positive training program you have in place
So, I am pleased to be able to offer bespoke individual walks, tailored to your dog’s exact requirements designed to increase your dog’s enjoyment on his walks.


Google Reviews

Reliable, trustworthy, very knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviours and the dogs love him - what more could you want. Highly recommended as a first-rate dog walker.

Amanda Bhatia

Google Reviews

We have a rescue dog from the RSPCA (large Alsatian), he can be hard to control around other dogs. Derek agreed to take him on. Derek successfully employed a couple of training techniques to rein in bad behaviour. I'd recommend Derek as 100% reliable, capable of managing even difficult dogs and he clearly cares about the dogs and their welfare.

Paul Whitehead

Google Reviews

We are grateful to Derek for all his expertise and support in dealing with our shy and problematic Puli. Derek's working walks have contributed so much to Oreo being better behaved both on the streets and at home. We found Derek reliable, trustworthy and always willing to help. Derek has patient and kind approach to dog handling and is persistent in getting problems sorted. We can highly recommend Finchley Dog Walking services!

Maja Djordjic

Google Reviews

I'm a pet behaviourist and Derek is the ONLY person with whom I trust my own rescue terrier. He also house sits for me. He is brilliant. I refer lots of my behaviour clients to him. He is happy to walk dogs who are perhaps not the easiest, and is a lovely kind man too.

Penaran Higgs

Google Reviews

Derek has been walking our young dog for 6 months and he always gets excited when he sees him walking down the street. Derek is very reliable which is important to us.

Annmarie Meredith

Google Reviews

Derek looks after my 2 dogs wonderfully. One of them is now very old and his needs vary from day to day, Derek accommodates his changing needs with no problem. The individual care is priceless, there is no way a group walk would suit my two. Derek is loved by both of them.

Helen Rushworth

Google Reviews

Not only dogs! Derek looked after our chickens and cat wonderfully when we were away from home. Many thanks to Del, and highly recommend..

Anita Varma

Google Reviews

Derek is a responsible dog walker who has bothered to study for some relevant qualifications. It's so difficult to find a good walker who isn't just 'in it for the money'.

Cute Bird

Google Reviews

Derek has walked Barney regularly since he was a puppy and Barney loves him. Derek is professional and really knowledgable about animal behaviour and training.

Esther Conway

Google Reviews

Derek is a very reliable and trustworthy dog walker. He understands dogs so well, and is very patient with our dog’s quirks. Our dog clearly likes Derek & is always looking out for him at walk times. She always comes back happy & contented from walks. I would gladly recommend Derek as a dog walker.

Leigh Rubins

Google Reviews

Derek has been looking after my dog, Gatsby, since 2015. He is a kind man who is very good with my dog. Del looks out for other dogs too, often giving tips about how to look after them during hot weather, the firework season, etc. Del has been essential for Gatsby receiving a good quality of life when I am out of the house. Use Del for a knowledgeable and flexible service!

Chris Bonner

Google Reviews

Derek is truly the dog whisperer! My dogs adore him and I trust him 100%. He’s kind, knowledgeable and experienced. We couldn’t ask for a better dog walker.

Mel Richards


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