photo More than just a walk in the park – bespoke dog walking in the Finchley Area

All-Weather Dog Walks – Whatever the weather your dog will have and be entertained,   No Car Journeys. Local Walks in Local Woods by a Local Dog Walker**

Bespoke dog walks include

  • Older dogs
  • Reactive  dogs
  • Anxious
  • Blind or Deaf
  • Rescued
  • and much

What I Do.

If there is one important fact I have learned in all my years as a dog walker it’s this – the key to a contented, well-rounded dog is exercise and at Finchley dog walker your dog will be entertained whilst learning, Whatever the weather your dog will enjoy calm walks play and brain work

All dogs, whatever breed and whatever size they benefit greatly from regular exercise which provides not only a physical benefit but vital mental stimulation too.  The transformation in a dog lacking in this to one which learns how to really enjoy being a dog is thoroughly heart-warming and when I can bring your pet back home contented, exhausted and fulfilled I know he will have enjoyed our time together as much as I have and this is my main aim.


Screen-Shot-2015-08-20-at-13.40.03 Enhanced DBS

I have an enhanced DBS via the scout association and my insurance is with Pet Business Insurance


Screen-Shot-2015-08-20-at-13.40.09 Trained & Professional

First aid trained (human and k9) volunteer at the Tip Top Dog School


Screen-Shot-2015-08-20-at-13.40.14 Reliable & Trustworthy

We offer a reliable and dependable service and will always go the extra mile to meet yours and your pets needs


Screen-Shot-2015-08-20-at-13.40.18 Caring & Affectionate

Your pet will receive only the highest level of love, care, affection and respect


Area of operations

  • N2, N3, N10  and N12 including
  • East Finchley N2
  • Finchley Central N3
  • Muswell Hill N10
  • Friern Barnet N1
  • North Finchley N12

Bespoke One to One and Small Group Dog Walks.

I know that, although dogs are sociable animals, not all of them cope well with being in a group and this could be for any number of reasons. Elderly dogs may prefer to walk without the distraction of younger dogs jumping around them while puppies can often get too excitable or too nervous which can prevent them from learning properly. Some dogs may need some basic training and a walk is ideal for teaching basic obedience in an enjoyable, non-stressful way. I incorporate training in on-lead, recall and other commands using a positive method only.

So I am pleased to be able to offer bespoke individual walks, tailored for you and your dog’s exact requirements so that I can do my best to increase your dog’s enjoyment on his walks.

Ruby has been transformed since Derek has started taking her out daily, I find him to be trustworthy, friendly and very accommodating even with all our last-minute changes and requests! I would not hesitate to recommend Derek to friendsBea. Buck

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Calm One to One Dog Walks

Here at Finchley Dog Walker, we leave nothing but our Paw Prints


** Please see our Extreme Weather Policy for Dog Walking