Bespoke Pet Care

Bespoke Dog  Walking Service

A dog can be a complicated creature. On the one hand, he appears to want nothing from life other than regular meals, a warm and comfy place to sleep, love and cuddles, and a run around the park every day. Yet, on the other hand, he has many different ways of telling us exactly what he wants and how he wants it! Here at Finchley dog walker, I have been around dogs long enough to know that there are as many facets to a dog’s personality as there are dog breeds.

Most training and obedience commands are indeed taught in the same way to an established method, but not all dogs learn in the same way. Some are slow learners, and some pick things up quickly (especially the Border Collies!). Some dogs learn with the help of food treats, some prefer to work for toys, and a few don’t respond to bribes at all – these may be a little more challenging to train. Do you see what I am trying to say? Dogs are individuals. Their personalities are as diverse and different as ours, so we can’t always rely on formulaic training methods, exercise and walking.

Individual Tailored Walks for your Dog.

I offer a completely bespoke one 2 one dog walking experience for your dog, and as part of this, I like to spend a little time before a first walk getting to know your dog to make sure that I am fully aware of what’s needed before we start. By understanding your dog’s personality and temperament, I can get a better idea of what his likes and dislikes are; such as his favourite walking spots; whether he likes other dogs; whether he is inclined to chase joggers or cycles; in short, I can get a handle on any little quirks and foibles he may have.

Training Included.

I can incorporate basic training on our walks, whatever your dog needs. Rest assured, I always use positive reward training methods and have the support of Dog Trainers and behaviourists. I vary the walks so that he doesn’t get bored because I firmly believe walking should be fun and educational for a dog.

Whether he is a bouncy young puppy or an old chap who wants a slow plod, be assured that my years of experience have taught me how to recognise and fulfil a dog’s needs. And if he’s happy, then I’m happy.

Here at Finchley Dog Walker, we operate a flat rate for PAYG services of £12 for the first 15 minutes of dog walking, £17 for 30 minutes, and £25 for 60 minutes.

We also offer puppy care advice

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