Dog walks for the Ill or Infirm

It is an unfortunate and inconvenient fact of life that sometimes life deals us a rubbish hand, and we can become ill or incapacitated. Accidents or illnesses can strike at any time and leave us struggling to carry out day to day tasks. If we are lucky, the family and friends will rally around us and help out where they can, which is great, but sometimes there is one thing that can get forgotten or overlooked when illness strikes us, and that is the family dog or dogs.

Here at Finchley dog walker, I am a great believer in keeping a routine for pets even when something untoward happens. When a person becomes ill or immobile for whatever reason, we can understand exactly what is happening and why. We know that the illness may be temporary and will pass and that whilst we are ill, things have to be a little different, and sometimes this can involve not being able to go out on regular walks with the dog.

Dogs Need a Normal Routine

Unfortunately, a dog, an intelligent creature though he is, has no understanding of this. All he knows is that one day he was out romping in the fields with his pals as normal, and the next day – nothing!

It is a fact that a dog without regular exercise, when faced with a disrupted routine, can become a dog that is unhappy and frustrated, and a frustrated dog can sometimes start to exhibit unwanted behaviours like chewing or attention-seeking. He may even, in extreme cases, or if just out of the puppy stage, revert to soiling the carpets. The last thing you need when you are not feeling well is dealing with this kind of behaviour from the dog. In addition to this, knowing he is unhappy can make you even unhappier, thus hampering your recovery.

Let Me Help

You may be lucky enough to have friends who will walk the dog for you, but if not, that’s where I come in. If your dog is usually a boisterous type or prone to pulling on the lead, you may be simply unable to handle him when you’re ill, and I’m more than happy to walk your dog while you can’t. You’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that I will care for him as much as you do and that he’s safe, well exercised, and, most of all, contented, leaving you free to rest and recover.

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