Aided Dog Walking in Finchley

Walking your dog is one of the best things about dog ownership. If you have a busy and stressful life, walking with your dog can be one of the greatest tonics there is. However, there are dog owners amongst us who are unfortunate to have limitations on their abilities to cater for all needs of their dogs, and this is no more apparent than when it comes to walking your dog.

If you are struggling or unable to walk your dog (maybe you are physically limited, or you aren’t confident enough to walk your dog alone), then I can help. I established my dog walking business in 2011, and after being around dogs my entire life and having a great love for them, I decided it was time to remove myself from the office and turn my passion for dogs into my career. I can honestly say this has been the most rewarding, enjoyable and worthwhile time of my life.

I enjoy nothing more than observing a dog at play, partaking in social interaction, swimming through lakes and bound through fields, and I believe that these opportunities shouldn’t be denied to any dog. That’s why; if you are struggling to be able to provide this, then I can do it either with or for you.

I will begin your walks from your home and complete them within your local area. There isn’t a need to go further as there’s more than likely an abundance of outdoor adventure for your dog right on your doorstep. I also believe that transportation can be stressful for dogs and on the whole, and for walking needs especially, it’s often unnecessary. If you cannot join us on our walks, then you can still be a part of it as I have report cards that I use for every dog on every walk. This is so you can see exactly where we’ve been, what we’ve been up to and how your dog responded to the many things all around him, such as meeting another dog or swimming in a lake. I can also aid in training and report back how your dogs are doing. My training techniques are always based on positive rewards, which truly brings out the best in all dogs. I welcome all dog owners to join me when able. We can walk to your abilities and take things at your pace so that you can enjoy, first hand, the sense of satisfaction and reward that comes hand in hand with adhering to the needs of your dog.


I’ve been using Derek’s dog-walking services for about 3 months now for my (sometimes rather unruly) pug x French bulldog! I

I work on an ad-hoc basis, the irregularity of which would send some people running. Still, Del is always completely happy to accommodate my very erratic schedule, often at short notice.

He went above and beyond when I recently pulled something in my back; it went into spasms, and I could barely walk. Not only was he very happy to come around to walk Darcey at very short notice; he even offered to pick up shopping for me & arrange aided walks if the problem persisted.

I would not hesitate to recommend Derek, and The Finchley Dog Walker’s services and Darcey’s reaction to him is a recommendation in itself – she goes completely loopy & adores him!



Rosie & Darcey, North Finchley


As a London Dog walker, if we do not already provide a service that suits your need, then give us a call.  We offer bespoke dog walking and pet care services.


Aided Dog Walks Cost £20  for an hour all in. I can even help with the shopping