Dog Walks for older dogs

duncan-dog-walking-for-oldercdogs-300x225 Dog Walks for older dogsFACT 80% of dogs over 8 years old are estimated to suffer from Arthritis in one or more of their joints and so bespoke dog walks are ideal for older dogs

You’ve possibly noticed that your older dog tires out a lot easier than he used to and takes life at a slower pace, especially when the temperatures are higher, there are still activities they can enjoy.

Fresh air is a necessity, but while they may still enjoy a walk at a slow and steady pace, the most important thing is that they have people contact, with quality time for your dog.

Older dogs and pain

Dogs are quite enduring of pain and sometimes are unable to let us know when they’re not happy. Older dogs, in particular, will usually follow their owners wherever they go, without letting us know that they’re in any discomfort. By the time we notice that he doesn’t walk alongside us the same as he did when younger, he could be in quite a bit of pain. Signs that he’s in discomfort may include reluctance to go for a walk with you; wanting to come home sooner than normal from your walk; difficulty getting up onto furniture or his bed or problems standing up from a sitting position.

Routine and Exercise

The majority of dogs tend to love a routine. If we can manage to keep our mature pets (and ourselves as we age) to a routine, while keeping a close eye on them, there should be no reason why they cannot continue to take their daily exercise. Appropriate exercise, taking into account your dog’s health and age, can also extend their life expectancy and improve their quality of life, with fit dogs living around 20% longer than overweight dogs. Although less physically active, your pet will still need a daily walk, to keep his joints mobile, reduce any inflammation and pain, and to keep his brain active.

Finchley Dog Walker offers daily walks and exercise

It often takes some coaxing to keep older dogs active. Exercise and activity are crucial for good cardiovascular health and a beneficial digestive system. Our bespoke dog walking offers a daily visit to your dog, when you’re at work or away for the day, you will make sure that they have some human contact. We can feed them a meal you have left for them, as more frequent, smaller portion meals are better for them as they age.  We are also happy to give them their medication. Our walk will be a more bespoke affair, at a slow and steady pace, especially if he is becoming less mobile, yet he will still need frequent toilet breaks. On some occasions, more sedate garden exercises and activities will be used during our sessions together.

These walks can be on or off the lead depending on requirements

Dog sitting and home boarding

If your dog is very old, maybe incontinent or have gone completely blind, Finchley Dog Walker recommends that owners employ the services of a live-in dog sitter for the time when you’re away from home; for a weekend break or a holiday, as an alternative to placing your dog in boarding kennels. Your dog will be much happier in its own familiar surroundings

Our dogs provide us with loyalty, companionship, fun, and protection throughout their lives, and as they age, it’s only fair and kind that we understand their needs are changing and to provide them with a little extra comfort, attention and extra care.

Please contact us to discuss or arrange a bespoke walk

Here at Finchley Dog Walker, we operate a flat rate for PAYG services of £10 for the first 15 minutes of dog walking, £15 for 30 minutes, and £20 for 60 minutes.

Calm Walks with no rough and tumble – perfect for the older dog

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