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Do you have a Dog that needs High Energy Walks?

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If you find that you spend most of your dog walking time playing fetch or going for long walks, but you can’t seem to tire out your puppy, chances are you have a “High Energy” dog.

This type of dog can be fun to be around, but training them is usually more challenging. Energetic pets are loved for their happy temperaments and huge personalities, but many owners give up on training these hyperactive dogs.

Why exercise is important for your dog

All dog owners know daily exercise is important to keep our canines healthy. Daily walking will burn excess calories, increase the bond between owner and pet, and help with socialisation skills. Regular dog walks also have additional benefits by mentally stimulating your dog too.

Activity is crucial to any dog’s happiness and health. Many breeds instinctively “work” when doing physical exercises, such as retrievers, terriers, herding and shepherd dogs, but with all dogs, it’s important that they receive sufficient activity to prevent frustration, boredom and destructive behaviour. Dogs with high energy levels become easily bored if they have nothing much to do, often destroying household items, clothing or furniture. Other signals to watch out for that show your dog has lots of energy to burn are:

  • Whining or barking
  • Scratching
  • Biting, nipping or chewing
  • Becoming restless
  • Jumping up at things
  • Digging in the garden

Working Walks in the Finchley and Muswell Hill Area

Finchley Dog Walkers’ high-energy exercise routines aim to wear out the dogs by working with their natural instincts and stimulating their intelligence. We often find that dogs with high energy levels also have very active minds. In these cases, mental stimulation, using brain games and puzzle games, searching for items and using commands can be equally important as physical exercise. We also use training routines and revisit the principles of “Sit”, “Wait”, and other commands. We aim to establish good training habits and a well-structured programme that will benefit you and your dog but ensure the dog is mentally stimulated and exercised.

Try a Dog Walker or Day-care

Living with a dog with excess energy levels is difficult, especially if you aren’t a high-energy person. It’s impossible to ignore your dog, hoping he will come to terms with living a quiet life and calm down.

Suppose your high-energy dog is bored and needs more activity sessions than you can accommodate in your busy life, or perhaps you are working longer hours in the City or need to leave home for longer periods. Why not consider doggy daycare for your pet? You can also book the services of a professional Dog Walker to provide activity and attention to your high-energy dog during daily walks, ensuring that your dog will return home worn out and happy after his high-intensive exercise periods.

Finchley Dog Walker offers a bespoke service to enable our Clients’ dogs receive one to one walks, which are more beneficial to a high-energy dog than just a regular walk in the park. We also offer an aided dog walk, and solo dog walks, in addition to our “Working Walks.

Please ask for further details.

Finchley Dog Walker has support from Tip Top Dog School

Here at Finchley Dog Walker, we operate a flat rate for PAYG for our dog walking services £10 for the first 15 minutes of dog walking, £15 for 30 minutes, and £25 for 60 minutes.

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