Finchley Dog Walking and Pet Care Services

Finchley Dog Walker is owned by Derek Chambers and offers pet services in the Finchley and Muswell Hill areas.

Derek founded the business in 2011, and over the last ten years, I have continued to further my animal knowledge. I’ve completed courses from the Dog Training College and learned T Touch.

I am also fully insured, DBS checked via the Scouts, and trained in both human and canine first aid.

Dogs are wholeheartedly my passion, and I love working with them. I have experience working with all different dogs, and I’m comfortable with any temperament or breed.

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Solo Dog Walks

This is my speciality service. Having always owned rescues, some of which have been nervous, others have been reactive, I quickly realised that most dog walkers either did not want to know or did not have the experience to walk a shy and nervous dog or one that is reactive and needs enrichment on walks.

It is important to note that I do not offer group walks, just one-on-one walks. All walks are tailored to suit your dog, so they get maximum benefit.  Our one-to-one walks include

  • Brain work
  • Sniff and decompress
  • Working on any training
  • Premium hypoallengic dog treats

Read more about our one-to-one dog walks.

Like all our walks, this is subject to our Extreme weather policy

Dog Walks For Older Dogs

As an owner of two older dogs, I understand they can be grumpy when younger dogs try to make them play; they want to have a slow walk at their own pace with plenty of sniffs.

Sometimes they don’t want to go out and are happy to participate in some brain enrichment games in the garden.

My dog walks for the older dog are perfect for this. I can also administer ear drops, eye drops, tablets, and injections.

Training Walks

Our training walks are ideal for puppies and high-energy dogs. These walks are often short, even just taking place in the garden. I can advise you on basic puppy training and then work with you on any training plan you already have.

When out on walks, I will do things like basic lead training. For full details of our working walk, check out Training Walks.

Weekend Walks

Weekend walls is a service designed for busy people who want to do chores while their dog is out of the way. This service is top-rated around holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

The great thing about Weekend Walks with Finchley Dog Walker is that they are at least 2 hours long for just £50.

Find out the full details of weekend dog walks here. I’m happy to help schedule dog walks around your plans, so we can make sure that you get the maximum time to run errands or relax.


Dog Walks For Ill and Infirm

 If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of an illness or accident, you might find that you can’t give your dog the exercise it needs. That’s why I’m more than capable of providing you with the necessary support.

My service helps you by making sure that your dog stays active. I’ll walk them for you and make sure that your dog remains in good health and gets to burn off its energy without causing you stress.

Aided Dog Walking

 If you want to exercise your pet but don’t feel confident going out into the world, I can help. I am more than happy to either walk your dog for you or come out with you, so you are with a trusted and friendly face. If you’re not confident walking your dog on your own, this is your service.

I’ve got plenty of experience handling rambunctious and energetic dogs, so I can help you gain some confidence walking your dog on the lead or practising basic recall.

Puppy Care Package

Have you just got a puppy, or are you thinking of getting a puppy?  Do you have lots of questions about introducing a new puppy into your home?  Do you have a plan in place for when you are at work? Then why not take a look at our puppy care package

Cat Sitting Service in the Finchley and Muswell Hill Area

While Finchley Dog Walker originally started in 2011 just offering dog walking, I have expanded my pet care services over the years.

One such service is my cat sitting service. I worked for over 16 years for a company with Siamese, Devon Rex, and Sphynx cats that I looked after and even administered medication as one of them was a diabetic.

My cat sitting services are highly recommended, and references are available.  The most common questions we ask can be found on our FAQ page.

Pet Sitting and Holiday Care For Dogs

Everyone needs a holiday or needs to visit family at some point. While sometimes it is possible to take the dog with you to enjoy the trip, there are times when it is not possible – maybe you have a multi-pet household, so taking them with you is not an option. It is also possible that putting them in kennels or boarding is not an option either.

This is where I come in with my holiday care service. I will look after your pet, ensuring that they remain in good health and spirits throughout your trip, providing them with the love and affection they deserve.

Dog Walking and Pet Care Services Prices

Dog Walking – Our specialist one-to-one dog walking service is a flat rate of £25 which includes premium treats, brain training, basic training reinforced and a chance to sniff and decompress

Cat Sitting – Our cat sitting service is charged at £15 and includes feeding, changing water, changing litter trays, hypoallergenic treats and cuddling.

Last Minute Pet Care or Dog Walking Bookings

Please note that while we will try and fit last-minute requests where possible,  there will be a surcharge of £10.

If you have any questions or require any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I am always available to sit down and discuss the specific needs of your dog to work out what kind of support and the best pet care services I can provide.  You can check what areas we cover beforehand.


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