Finchley Cat Sitting Service

finchley-cat-sitting-300x225 Finchley Cat Sitting Service

The majority of cats can be rather territorial and sometimes don’t cope very well with stressful situations, so instead of putting them through the enormous trauma of removing them from their comforts and surroundings each time you take a holiday and place them in a cattery or boarding establishment. You can now have them cared for in their own home.

Finchley Pet Sitting Services will take care of your cat in your own home, reducing the stress from your cat’s life and yours. Your cat will remain at home to enjoy their usual routine, the smells and sounds of their home, familiar sights, and their favourite sleeping place. When you need to go away from home on business trips or holidays, you need to know that your cat is in safe hands so you can relax. A competent, professional cat sitter will enable you to do this. Finchley Pet Sitting Services prides itself on our services, consistency and trust and, of course, the welfare of the animals you place into our protection.

Reasons to choose Finchley Pet and Cat Sitting services:

  • I am a genuine cat enthusiast with many years of experience caring for both dogs and cats (I used to work for a company that had four cats that I looked after daily, from feeding to cat litter changing as they were exotic cats inc Siamese, Spink, Bengal and Devon Rex.
  • Experience with diabetes and renal failure in cats
  • I have experience dealing with nervous and timid cats
  • Comprehensive Insurance cover with Protectivity
  • Enhanced DBS checked
  • Competitive tariffs for cat-sitting
  • Your cat will remain in his own home, and I make regular visits to care for him.
  • Optional services to carry out basic care of other small animals when required. Such as fish, rabbits, gerbils and guinea pigs. Sorry, no snakes,
  • We will also open and close your curtains while visiting your home. This adds a security aspect and water your house plants if required.

Each visit includes cleaning your cat’s bowls and feeding them fresh food and water per your instructions. We will clean litter trays, ensure fresh water is always available, and give lots of cuddles and playtime.

Cats that require regular medication, special needs, and elderly cats are also cared for. We can visit your cat once a day, twice or more. We provide tailor-made visits and first-class service for you and your cat’s needs. Regardless of you not being there, your cat will soon become accustomed to the new routine, with familiar smells and sounds and will soon accept me as their pet sitter coming into your home to provide some TLC and company.

 Premier Cat sitting Service.

The cat-sitting service starts when I meet with you and your feline friend in your home for an informal chat with no obligation to discuss your requirements and get to know each other. After all, I will be looking after the very important duty of caring for your cat.  As well as being entrusted with your house keys.  I will not release your personal information to anyone or broadcast the dates and days you will not be at home. So, if you would like a mature, caring, responsible cat sitter, then I would love to hear from you and meet some new feline friends. Please get in touch, and we can discuss your requirements.  You can find most of our Frequently Asked Questions here

muswell-hill-cat-sitter-225x300 Finchley Cat Sitting Service

Del has looked after our cat Millie for the past few years whilst we have been on holiday. He has not only managed to befriend a very timid cat but has also been a reassuring presence, ensuring the house is attended to. Regular texts and photos sent by Del throughout our stay have helped us relax and be safe in the knowledge that everything is well with the house and pet. Paul – Muswell Hill

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Please see below for details of pricing.


  • Christmas (25th & 26th Dec ), along with New Year’s Day, is £20 a visit with NO discount for a second visit.   Bank Holidays are £16 a visit.
  • £12 for one visit or £20 for two at all other times.
  • £20 per hour in the very unlikely event of a visit to the vet

Payment by electronic bank transfer and the full amount must be paid before my visits.

Cancellation Fees for cat sitting

  • Less than 24 hours notice = total fee payable except is exce[tinal circumstances
  • Less than a week = 50% of fee
  • 7 days to 30 days = 25% of fee
  • 30 days plus = 10%

Xmas/New Year period = total fee payable unless two months notice.

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