Coldfall Woods

A Regular of Finchley Dog Walker Haunt is Coldfall Wood, London N10

t20-entrance-to-coldfall-wood_600x600_100kb-300x224 Coldfall Woods

I started this business as a London dog walker because I’m also a great outdoor lover alongside a passion for dogs. Recently I took advantage of a lovely sunny Autumn day and decided to go on one of my favourites walks to date: Coldfall Woods.

As a child, I was often in these woods, running, exploring, finding adventures – as my childhood home was close by, in Muswell Hill. When I have the opportunity, and it’s feasible, I often visit Coldfall Woods when I have a four-legged friend in tow. Here at Finchley Dog Walker, we do local woods to avoid stressful car journeys.   For this reason, I’d only like to take my local clients here. However, for those who live a bit of a distance, I urge you to try this place with your dog when you’re not restricted for time and can have hours of fun to make up for the car journey!

Coldfall_Wood_Hornbeam_Undercanopy-300x199 Coldfall Woods

Coldfall Woods are 14 hectares and mainly contain oaks and hornbeams. It’s undergone many changes and slightly evolved over the years to be quite different from when I was a child. Although natural beauty is still everywhere you look, nature was cruel to this. A huge flood tarnished the majority of one of them once beautiful fields. However, this has been turned into somewhat of a feature now and has a modern wooden bridge across where the excessive damage was, holding a sign that says: ‘Mini Everglades’.

I usually do a couple of laps of the woods, taking in the fresh air and wonderful sights of the British wildlife, such as squirrels and birds, before I go onto  Muswell Hill Fields, which attaches to the wood and the cemetery. This is a wide-open field great for relaxation for me and excellent for the dogs to run freely. There’s also a play area by one end, which means that if you bring your pooch along, there’s something for the kids too!

Coldfall Woods aren’t just loved by me but adored by many, and they have a lot of events throughout the year where new faces are warmly welcomed. Look here to see what’s coming up:

So if you see me dog walking in Coldfall woods, come over and say Hi. In the meantime, stay safe in woodlands.

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