Why Finchley Dog Walker
derek-chambers-dog-walker Why Finchley Dog Walker

Finchley Dog Walker has been going since 2011 and has grown in reputation over the years.

There are so many reasons why Finchley Dog Walker services have been very popular over the years, or both one  2 one dog walking and pet sitting.

Derek Chambers, also  known as Finchley Dog Walker code of ethos

  • All animals in my care will be treated as V.I.Ps
  • To not harm physically, emotionally or psychologically any animal in my care.
  • Before and during our time together, I take the time to make sure I know each animal personally. This helps e understand their likes, dislikes and needs and how they react in certain situations, such as joggers, kids on scooters, other dogs etc. And I will never assume that your dog will act in a certain way due to their breed/crossbreed etc.
  • To keep my knowledge up to date via Facebook lives, zoom seminars, webinars, distant learning courses and, when allowed, physical workshops, My certificates can be found on our pet care education page.
  • If required, recommend a suitable dog trainer, behaviourist, vet or other pet professionals if I cannot help.
  • To offer pet care services with honesty, integrity, compassion & understanding.

Derek Chambers, your Reliable and Trustworthy Pet butler and caretaker

With more than 30 years of experience with dogs, I fully understand how important it is to make sure your pet’s health, safety, happiness and wellbeing are no one priority. Keeping this in mind.

  • I will keep you up to date by text/email/WhatsApp or face 2 face (where possible) if I have any concerns about the dog or cat. This could be they have started eating dirt, are limping or have constipation r diarrhoea, amongst other things.
  • I might provide some advice on suitable equipment for our dog such as collars, suitable harnesses, us of long lines etc. I understand how money can be an issue, so I will never ask owners to spend loads of money on the dog, only in the dog’s interests and safety. It might be that the dog’s harness is showing signs of wear & tear and needs replacing or isn’t the best fit for the dog. I’m not sponsored by or paid by ANY company to recommend their product(s). I make any recommendations based on my own experiences, use of the product(s) and the dog in front of me.
  • All dog walks are tailored to your dogs’ individual needs. What one dog finds fun and enjoyable, another dog might not. So I don’t use a “One Size Fits All” approach to walks. Each walk is bespoke to that dog.

Why choose Finchley Dog?

If you use any search engine such as Google or look on social media to search for r a pet service such as a dog walker, pet sitter, doggy hotel or dog trainer, then you will have a plethora of people to choose from in your area.

So why is Finchley dog walker different from any other pet care service you can find on Google?

  • I DON’t Offer group walks. If you are looking for a group walk, drop e a line as to who I would recommend.
  • I specialise in one-on-one walks for older, shy, nervous, or sometimes reactive dogs. I also offer walks for multiple dogs from the same household.
  • Where appropriate, I won’t walk a nervous/reactive dog if it’s in their best interests to have a rest day or rest days. Rest days are essential as they o reduce their stress bucket, which, if it gets full from too many triggers, can take 72 hours to empty. If a rest day is the better option, we will do a home visit and provide a comfort break and brain enhancement games.
  • I don’t aim to cover a set distance when we walk. Most of our walks also include canine enrichment and providing quality walks. This may mean spending 10 minutes sniffing every blade of grass twenty minutes while the dog sniffs a lamppost or gate post. Then that’s what we do. I believe the walk is for the dog and no e, and they should make the decisions (with safety reasons). All dog walks also include ental exercise, which is just as important as physical.
  • I have invested in furthering my canine education.
  • I work closely with Tip Top Dog Training School and East Barnet Dog Training and Pet care service. We will work with you to follow any ongoing positive training program you and your dog have. We DO NOT use adverse techniques such as Pinch collars or Eco collars. We ONLY use flat collars or suitable harnesses.
  • On arriving at your house, should we discover that your dog has had an ‘accident’, we will clean it up for you and provide a complimentary towel down after walks. At the end of the walk, we will ensure clean water is left for your dog, plus if allowed, a treat.
  • Your dog will get the full allotted time for his walk. If we arrange a 30-minute walk, that’s what he will get. Any time spent cleaning up, wiping muddy paws etc., is not included in the 30 minutes.
  • We can provide a daily dog walk report (on request)
  • We take great care of clients’ keys. They are kept in a safe location, identity-coded and never address-labelled. We have key cover insurance, so in the unlikely event they are lost, they and your locks will be replaced
  • We are fully insured for all eventualities.

All of our services are subject to the following:

  1. An initial meet and greet
  2. All relevant paperwork is signed and dated. E.g. Walking form A key release form if appropriate.
  3. All parties are happy with the service, and a start date agreed

If you have any questions about any of our services, then please give us a call or send a WhatsApp message to 077 077 6 33 44 or visit our contact page

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