The responsibilities of a dog walker
  • daisy-dawg-221x300 The responsibilities of a dog walkerHaving someone walk your dog for you while you’re at work, out for the day or on holiday
  • Not all dog walkers have the necessary skills to enable them to do this
  • Dog walking is a serious profession with similar responsibilities to child-care

Dog walkers have many responsibilities working with other people’s beloved dogs requires a large amount of trust, together with a generous helping of financial and emotional responsibilities. There are many reasons why a Client will employ the services of a dog walker. Some of them are listed here, but of course, there are also other reasons too:

  • They may have a new puppy that requires frequent toilet breaks
  • They may work long hours and do not wish to leave their dog home alone for long periods
  • Perhaps they have an exhausting job that leaves them no energy or time to walk their dog
  • A client with physical disabilities may not be able to exercise their dog
  • A destructive, hyperactive dog will require long periods of exercise to tire them
  • They may not wish their dog to be crated for long periods
  • Their pet may need medication at regular intervals

The Dog Walker’s obligations

The primary role of a dog walker is, of course, to take the dogs out to exercise in all weather. They will usually collect the dog from its owner’s home, walk it for a required time, and then take it back home. They will also ensure that the dog has water, food, or medication if their client requires it. A dog walker needs total control, especially if walking more than one dog at a time, in full command of the animals in their care. Occasionally, a walker may find he has to manage dogs that run away or fight with others. In cases like this, strength and physical stamina are a necessity. Another responsibility is to clean up after the dog’s toilet and ensure that no mess is left behind.

Of course, there are many other duties that our doggy friends depend on us for, including giving each dog plenty of individual attention and making sure that the dog that is being walked is safe, in addition to other dogs and humans around them.

Client communications

One of a dog walker’s many responsibilities is administering the dogs in their care. They will carry out any special requests from their clients concerning their pets, communicate with them to schedule appointments and update them during their daily walks. Of course, when picking up and dropping off the dogs, a dog walker must also ensure the total security of their homes.

Training and Insurances

These are the many “behind the scenes” aspects of dog walking that aren’t often considered. A professional dog walker will have professional insurance to cover any eventuality. Clients are given total peace of mind with enhanced DBS checks as their homes are being entered, plus first aid training for humans and dogs is a bonus.

The total responsibilities of a dog walker are all-encompassing. They must be healthy and fit to walk miles with their doggy companions. They must also be passionate about the animals in their care and their love for the outdoors. After all, a professional dog walker won’t let the weather put them off.

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