On going Training
11825547_10153042242753161_7829868431329500133_n-219x300 On going Training

In any job, keeping up to date with your knowledge and understanding is essential. Dog walking is no different; whilst I have gained many years of experience in walking dogs in North London and interacting with your furry friend, I never stop learning, whether to refresh my knowledge or to learn something new. I recognise the importance of looking after your dog and keeping them safe; with this in mind, I am always looking for ways to build on my experience and enhance my knowledge to ensure your dog gets the ultimate care.

One area that is crucial for all dog walkers is first aid. It is imperative that your dog can receive the best care and attention if something happens to them. Knowing how to behave in an emergency or when your pet is distressed is something I take seriously. Whilst I make every effort to look after your dog when they are in my care, I cannot avoid situations such as stings and bites as these are out of my control. While taking your pet to the vet may seem like an easy option, reacting to the situation quickly and promptly in situ can spare them any pain or discomfort before they are taken to be checked over.

Another great thing about going on these types of training is that we are allowed to interact and learn from other dog walkers who have the same keen interest in maintaining your pet’s safety. Sharing knowledge and good practice is a great way to ensure that all the dogs in our care are having their needs met in the best way possible.

Below is a list of recent courses that I have been attended by myself. You will see that they cover a range of information and ensure that I am constantly updated with the latest information available.

Recent training

Dog Training College – Caring for our elderly dog

This course covered

  • The A, B & C’s (10m 51s)
  • Exercising Your Elderly Dog
  • Enrichment & Brain Games
  • Pain Management
  • Equipment to help older dogs


K9 First Aid Seminar covering

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Foreign body injuries
  • Electrocution
  • CPR
  • Wound management
  • Stings and bites
  • common poisons
  • And much more

Dogwise course covering

  • General knowledge on dog behaviour
  • Current legislation
  • Confidence building

NARPS UK Animal Law and Regulations Course covering

  • Animal Welfare Actdog-law-dog-walkers-300x188 On going Training
  • Animal Health Act 1981
  • Dangerous Dogs Act
  • Responsibility for Dogs in my care
  • Cleaning up the dog mess and more