Rabbit Holiday Care (and other small animals)

rabbit-holiday-care-576x1024 Rabbit Holiday Care (and other small animals)

As a rabbit owner, I am sure you have realised that rabbits have huge personalities, but Rabbits are very sensitive, like to feel safe, and need space. It is, therefore, unlikely that you will be taking your rabbit away with you on holiday  

you will want to ensure that your rabbit and any other pets are well looked after and in safe hands so that you can enjoy your holiday in peace. 

There is a couple of options for you to consider, such as having someone come to care for them in their own home or taking them to a rabbit-boarding facility. So, how do you find the right person to care for your rabbits, and what preparations do you need to make?

Home care for rabbits

This is one of the most popular options for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals. This could be asking a friend or neighbour to pet-sit for you. Including carrying out tasks such as changing and refreshing water, cleaning them, making sure they have plenty of fresh hay and feeding them. Consider a professional pet sitter if none of your friends or neighbours can help. Many pet sitters are experienced with looking after various animals, including rabbits, and are often first aid trained.

A lot of pet sitters have an online presence. This should help with your research as you can read Google reviews etc. Another good starting point for finding a pet sitter is word of mouth. Ask around to see who your friends and families have used.

rabbit-care-certificate-745x1024 Rabbit Holiday Care (and other small animals)

Rabbit Boarding

Many people feel happier sending their rabbits to a rabbit hotel or boarding facility. Searching Google (other search engines are available) should bring up listings and possibly reviews for small borders that take in rabbits and guinea pigs etc.

Whatever option you choose to have your rabbit looked after whilst you are away, you must do your research and arrange a pre-visit/meet.

Here at Finchley Dog Walker, we have experience in looking after Rabbits and other small animals. Our fees are £15 per visit, including changing water, providing fresh food, and cleaning. We also take in the post and put the bins out to make the house look lived in. Other services are available