Solo Dog Walks v Group Dog Walks

What type of dog Walk is best for your four-legged friend?

Most dog walkers provide either group walks, one 2 one walks or both.  There are benefits to both types of walks.

When selecting the dog walker that is going to look after your dog and become a friend t is important to tp choose the right person and the right type of walk.  Below are few benefits of both one 2 one walks and group.

One 2 One solo dog walks.

Obviously, the best benefit of choosing someone that does one 2 one solo dog walks is the fact that your dog will receive their full attention.  This means that the walk can be designed around your dog and anything that they specifically require.

As a result of one 2, one dog walks, the journey to the park will not be interrupted by having to stop and collect other dogs etc.  One to one dog walks can be anything from a calm and slow walk going at the dogs’ pace for 15 to minutes then brain work in the garden k suitable for older dogs or enriched walks with lots of brain work for active and energetic dogs.

Shy nervous or reactive dogs also benefit greatly from a solo walk as they won’t have to put up with other dogs in the walking group, and the professional dog walker can tailor where they got to minimise both the stress and the trigger stacking.

Solo dog walks are also suitable for dogs with health issues such as back or hip problems and so not allowed to play in the same way as the other dogs n the group.

With one 2 one walks, you can be assured that your dog walker will get to know them much better than they would in a group walk and, as a result, will be in a position to help with training walks and spend that extra tie stopping the pulling on a lead etc.

You should be conscious of a dog walker’s ability to be able to handle multiple dogs on leads at the same time – it may be the case that you do not want to take the chance of them losing control – if your dog is one that tends to dart off at inappropriate times, a solo dog walk is probably best.

A standard Group dog walk

This is probably one of the ost coon services that you will find dog walkers providing and is also cheaper than solo dog walks for obvious reasons  however like solo dog walks, they have their place and benefits

One of the obvious benefits socialising.  This makes them ideal for calm dogs that are relaxed and very social then. Group walks is probably a better option as they provide more opportunity for your dog to socialise and certainly the way forward for you.

Group walks also allow the opportunity to explore areas with their lunchtime buddies, and any dogs love this.  When looking at group walks t is important to make sure that your dog has all his vaccinations and that the group they are walking with is suitable for them.  It is important to remember if the dog walker doesn’t know to introduce and match dogs correctly that fights can break out.

Here at Finchley Dog Walker, we specialise in enriched solo walks and walks for the more senior dog.  If you are interested in group walks, then we recommend Laura of Pet Sitting Finchley

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