Bring Your Dog to Work Day

June 24th – Bring Your Dog To Work Day

DTW-finchley-dog-walker-169x300 Bring Your Dog to Work DayThe third annual Bring Your Dog to Work Day (BYDTW) falls on Friday June 24th this year. The UK version of this was organised by dog grooming company Hownd as a way of raising funds for charities which aim to help dogs in need, especially those in kennels and dog shelters. This year’s charity is All Dogs Matter, which re-homes hundreds of dogs in the London and Norfolk areas.

In the short time that BYDTW day has been in existence it has taken off like a rocket. In 2015 it was trending at number 1 on twitter and celebrities including Ricky Gervais and the Loose Women team showed their support. It was helped enormously too by publicity from the national press.

So this year, once again, businesses all across the country will be offering a warm and enthusiastic welcome to pooches of all shapes, sizes and breeds – and non-breeds – to do their bit in raising money for All Dogs Matter.

From as little as £2, businesses and individuals can donate online or by text – see the All Dogs Matter or the BYDTW website for details.

The Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

A good many studies have proved that the presence of dogs can help to improve health and well-being in people. Just stroking a dog or having a friendly dog sit by you can lower your stress levels and promote relaxation and happiness. It’s well known that Pets As Therapy dogs do a great deal of good in hospitals and nursing homes and can, in some cases help to alleviate the ravages of dementia by helping to remind patients of animals they may have shared their lives with.

In the work place environment being in close proximity to a dog can help to raise morale and improve team-building and cooperation by facilitating – even if only for a day! – the building of bridges between employees and managers.

Good For the Dogs Too

By taking your dog to work you’ll be helping to further his socialisation skills as well as giving him something new to do. After all, we all love to see new places and meet new people and dogs are no different. It’s a great way to burnish the dog’s image and allow people, especially those who may not normally interact with dogs, to see them in a positive light.

Remember though that your dog must be of the well-behaved variety- as bringing a badly behaved dog to work may well cause more problems than benefits.

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