Pet Sitting – FAQ

What is the best way to reach  Finchley Dog Walker and Pet Sitting – North London?

You can contact me either by email at or send us a WhatsApp message at 077 077 6 33 44

Please note that we are often busy with the dogs during the day, so it may be best to WhatsApp and leave a message.

What services do you offer?

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I offer enhanced one-to-one dog walking in the Finchley area with both physical and mental physical exercise.

 We also offer daily visits to dogs or cats in your home, an In-home overnight pet setting, and home security care. Administering medication to pets, feeding, providing fresh drinking water, toilet walking duties, cleaning up after pet accidents: playtime and lots of fuss making of the pets. Home duties include mail retrieval, watering houseplants, and putting rubbish bins out.

What species of pets do you care for?

We have varied experiences with many species of pets. Of course, dogs and cats, rabbits, hamsters and other small rodents—turtles, iguanas, but unfortunately, NOT snakes. In addition, we can even look after your chickens and hens, various birds, fish, goats and even horses! Please let us know if you have an unusual pet you need looking after.

Which days are you available to take care of my pet?

We provide dog walking and pet sitting services seven days a week, 365 days a year. We get booked up for the main holiday periods very quickly, so don’t hesitate to contact me to confirm availability before you book your holidays.

Why is at-home pet care better than placing my dog in boarding kennels?

Although many pets love socialising with other cats and dogs, they prefer their home environment, familiar smells, sounds, and comforts. In some cases, a dog might suffer from separation worries and find that being placed in boarding kennels is a very stressful time for them. In addition, they are exposed to more health risks and infections from other canines. At the end of the day, home is best!

What do I do if I need an emergency, last-minute request? Can you accommodate my pet?

Of course, we prefer to be organised and stick to our daily routines and appointments, but sometimes inevitable. If you have a family emergency or an appointment that you cannot reschedule, certainly give us a call, and we will do our best to help you.

What policy do you have for inclement weather walking?

In most weather conditions, unless it places the dog walker and your pet at risk, we aim to keep to our schedule as closely as possible. Of course, the walk may be cut short during heavy rain or snowy conditions after allowing your pet to carry out toilet duties. Your dog will be wiped down on our return to your home to ensure he’s left in a comfortable condition. We ask that you provide suitable dog towels for this. The sitter will remain with your pet for the scheduled time. We do have an extreme weather policy for daily walks.

Where do you, the North London pet sitter, sleep when staying overnight?

As discussed, I remain at your home, either in the guest room or the bedroom you nominate.

My dogs sleep with me, the owner, when I’m at home – can you do likewise?

That is fine; I’m happy for your dogs to keep me company in the bedroom.

Do I need to provide your meals, food, and toiletries?

No, this isn’t compulsory as I am happy to provide my foodstuff and toiletries. However, if you leave any food items for me that need to be used up before your return, please clearly mark them for my use.

Do you water plants, the vegetable garden or hanging baskets?

Yes, I can help, provided we have discussed your requirements, and I have clear instructions.

Will you stay at my home if others are living there at the same time?

Unfortunately, NO. For everyone’s privacy and safety, I cannot provide any overnight services if others are in your residence simultaneously. I  do, however, offer daily call-in services during daytime hours.

Can you administer medication to my pets while I am away?

Yes, indeed, providing your pet doesn’t pose any threats while doing so

For peace of mind, I am fully insured