Dogs and Flatulence


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Dogs may be man’s (or woman’s) best friends, but anyone who’s shared a home – or worse, a car – with a flatulent dog might be forgiven for thinking otherwise!

It may be worth getting a vet check to make sure that there is no underlying health problem. If it is dietary there are a number of steps you can take to improve the situation.

Let’s look at the different options

  • Grain free foods – many varieties available on the market
  • Eliminate Soy Products
  • Feed your dog a nutritious, highly digestible food. Do a little research to find the brands that are appropriate for his age, breed and lifestyle. Watch out for ingredients like ash, low-quality proteins and corn products that make your dog feel full, but aren’t rich in nutrition
  • Some dogs are also lactose intolerant. Avoid dairy products
  • Yogurt has good bacteria and can be very beneficial in treating excess gas
  • Raw Food Diet ( BARF – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) It is possible to have  a balanced raw food diet delivered to you frozen
  • Cut out scraps and too many doggy biscuits
  • Try probiotics. Probiotics for dogs and digestive enzymes help to reduce the amount of bad bacteria and toxins in the dog’s body and are used to restore the normal balance of micro flora (bacteria) in the gastrointestinal tract. In other words, probiotics are the “good, friendly bacteria” that are used to combat the “bad, harmful bacteria” that have grown out of proportion
  • Charcoal tablets are meant to help
  • Try a herbal Supplement such as a Digestive Supplement from Dorwest
  • Feed him  2 – 3 meals a day
  • If your dog gulps his food slow it down by using an ergonomic feeder or putting a rubber ball in his bowl
  • Check that you are giving your dog adequate exerciseWith a little patience, you should be able find the right food for your dog and cut out the smells for good.
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