Puppy Care Package in th Finchley Area

Providing cuddles, company and stimulation when you are unable to

Introducing a puppy into your life is an exciting experience and one you will never regret; however, it can also be daunting and hard work, primarily in the early days. Init is a big decision to take as essentially it will be like  having a child and will provide lots of love and fun as well as tears and stress

Part of our Puppy care package includes helping you with many tips and tricks for your new family member.

If you are a new puppy owner, I recommend that you consider our Bronze package before introducing your puppy to his new home.

Our puppy package is perfect for clients getting their first fur baby or seasonal puppy parents.

Here at Finchley Dog Walker, we offer three puppy packages


 This is our pre puppy package and includes an initial visit to your house and looking around.  We will then advise you on the best equipment to get your new puppy along with the best place for his living space so that he does minimum damage to the house but more importantly to himself and laying down boundaries from the start so that you have a healthier happier puppy in a safer environment.

This package does not include any follow-up visits but does include a follow-up zoom consultation.

A one of fee of £30 – this is reduced to 20 if you take our silver or Gold package.


This package is for puppies who cannot go outside as they have not had all their vaccinations.

In many ways, these first few weeks are the most important.  At this stage, you have been handed a blank canvas, and so it is these first few weeks and months that will help shape your puppy and make them feel at home so the new family member fits in for the rest of their life.

We will help train your dog’s using the positive methods that your dog trainer has taught you along with any hand signals eg, sit down stand, wait stay leave it

  • Take the puppy for carry around the block so they start to get used to noises etc. Once your puppy is allowed out w can do short walks and help to work on traffic awareness
  • Clean and disinfect any accidents that your puppy may have had – please leave stuff out
  • Replace any soiled puppy pads with fresh ones if needed
  • Refresh water bowls
  • Feed puppies to your specification if required
  • Provide updates via WhatsApp

This puppy care package includes one visit per day along with  updates via WhatsApp and a zoom

Cost:    70  per week

Gold package

Our Gold package offers the same benefits as the Bronze and Silver but offers two visits per day along with additional; support via zoom.

Cost:100 per week

How long should your puppy be walked for?

The general feeling on this subject is 5 mins per month eg: a 6-month-old puppy has 30 minutes.  You can read the Vets  Pets article on this subject here

If you are looking for any other Dog Walking or puppy care service then please get in touch