Spring Dangers

For us humans springtime is a joyous time of the year. The cold weather is hopefully behind us and we look forward to all the fun things we can do. But this time of year can also bring dangers for our pets. Here are one or two things to look out for.

Easter Chocolates

The first danger on the list is chocolate and sweets. As I’ve mentioned so often before, chocolate is especially toxic to dogs and aside from the sugar content of sweets there is an added danger of choking. Keep all sweet goodies out of reach from curious noses and paws!

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time of year for some serious sprucing up but be aware of how harmful some household cleaning products can be for pets. Dogs may be tempted to drink from a bucket full of dirty water which contains bleach or cleaning fluid. If you use carpet shampoo or deodorising powder this can be accidentally ingested by pets grooming themselves.

In the Garden

Grass and plants start growing in spring and this is when the lawn mower and pruning tools come out. Be aware of curious dogs tempted to chew on power cables and small pets getting in the way of sharp blades.

Certain spring flowering plants can be harmful to pets if eaten. Rhododendrons, yew, Lily-of-the-Valley and some bulbs, like daffodil bulbs for instance, are poisonous. Check and research your plants if you’re not sure.

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When weeds start growing this is when we’re most likely to use herbicides, and insecticides to combat unwanted pests. Keep all these locked securely away and when you apply them to the garden keep your pet out of the area for several hours.

Some stinging insects like bees start to appear and pose an obvious danger to playful puppies and kittens, who can suffer from severe shock if stung. Fleas and ticks make an appearance too as the weather warms up so watch out for signs of itching and scratching in your pet. Flea and tick bites can cause allergies or serious illness in some animals.

Increased Exercise

With lighter nights and warmer temperatures comes the urge to take longer walks with our dogs but if your winter walks have been short and sweet then your pooch may be out of shape. Take it easy at first to slowly re-build fitness.

Taking time and a little care to remove dangerous objects and substances from your pet’s reach can go a long way to avoiding unnecessary trips to the vet.



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