We all going on a Summer Holiday

We’re off on our Summer holidays – and yes, of course the dog is coming along too

beach-187x300 We all going on a Summer HolidayNow it’s the holiday season, when the whole family make plans and look forward to a relaxing and fun-filled time together, it’s really a good time to consider taking the dog along too! With the many dog friendly holidays, cottages and hotels available in the UK, and the fact that your pet can make a brilliant travel companion, there is really no need to leave him behind, at home.

The majority of dog owners consider their beloved pets to be part of their family, so why let them miss out on family fun? There are lots of ways that you can ensure that both you and your dog have a marvellous summer holiday and with a little bit of organisation in advance, with your paperwork, travel arrangements and accommodation, your holiday will be stress free, and more fun for everyone. To make things easier, we’ve put together a few hints that may help with your holiday planning.

Dos and Don’ts when travelling with your dog

  • Ensure that your Dog is microchipped and that all details are correct on his identity tag, so that should he become lost, you can be reunited very soon
  • If travelling by car, use a dog guard, a travel crate or a car harness to restrain your pet
  • Make sure that your car is well ventilated, and remember to stop at frequent intervals to offer your dog fresh drinking water
  • If your dog isn’t a very good traveller, travel sickness tablets may help – or speak to your Vet for advice.
  • Always remember Never to leave your dog in a parked car
  • Ask to make sure that the destination for your holiday will cater for all your dog’s needs
  • Check that there are no restrictions or locations that are off-limits at your holiday accommodation, for your dog

Once your holiday is booked, you may wonder what items you need to pack to make sure that your dog is just as comfortable away from home. If you think that you need to take everything but the kitchen sink when travelling with young children, it’s not much different when holidaying with your pooch!

Insurance – Make sure you dog has adequate insurance cover, and not just for illness or accident, but also for third party cover.

Food Supplies – A sudden change in diet may affect your dog’s digestive system, and in case you can’t buy his preferred brand of food locally, pack sufficient food for your trip.


Medicine Supplies – pack enough medicine supplies as needed for the length of your holiday. It’s also a good idea to make a note of the name and contact number of the Vet nearest to your holiday location, in case of emergency.

Food and Water bowls – not all holiday hotels and cottages provide these utensils for pets.

Toys and Treats – You will be spending lots of quality time on walks and playtime with your dog, so bring along some balls and throwing toys, such as Frisbees. Treats never go amiss at any time.

Plan your trip with your dog in mind

As you will be wanting to get out and about on many adventures with your dog, it’s wise to first ensure that any of the locations you plan to visit will allow dogs, although you may find you have to keep your dog on a lead at main tourist attractions.

Likewise, with many pubs; although the majority have beer gardens where dogs are allowed, some establishments actually place out bowls of fresh water for dogs to drink.

If you plan a day trip without your dog, and need to leave him in your accommodation, confirm with the owners that this is fine with them. Make sure you don’t stay out for too long, as you don’t want to return to discover any nasty shocks. If you think you will be away for several hours, perhaps consider searching for a local dog sitter, who will come and meet your dog and spend some quality time with them.

Many dogs find a change in routine, travelling, and a new environment rather stressful, which in turn, may cause you to ask yourself, if taking them on holiday is really the best thing in their interests and safety. Why not book the services of a responsible dog sitter. You can then go off and enjoy your holiday, knowing that your dog is safe and happy in their care.


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