A Day in the Life of Finchley Pet Sitter

I am often asked what I do when I house-sit besides sitting and watching Netflix. This is not true, as I try to ensure your dog has a holiday of its own while in the comfort of familiar surroundings. It also keeps to its regular meal times and walks to reduce stress.

Feeding time

The day begins with a symphony of mealtime for all animals in my care. Each dish is lovingly prepared, catering to their unique dietary needs.

Cool Treats:

When the sun beats down, I whip up frozen delights for your pups to savour, granting them a refreshing break from the heat.

Cosy beds

Ensuring that every pet has a bed fit for royalty is essential. I fluff their sleeping quarters to cloud-like perfection, guaranteeing the utmost comfort during naptime. If they are used to sleeping with a human companion next to them, that is perfectly fine as well, as I am more than happy with this

Playful Adventures:

Hide-and-seek sessions keep their tails wagging and their spirits high. Engaging in fun activities is a surefire way to keep them entertained and active throughout the day.

Shade Retreats: To shield them from the sun’s warmth, I create cool hideouts in the shade, providing a sanctuary for relaxation and respite.

Aqua Fun: Water games are a splash-tastic way to beat the heat and provide endless entertainment. From splashes to giggles, they revel in the joy of these aquatic adventures.

Nose Work: We engage their wonderful sense of smell by playing hide-the-treat games, stimulating their minds and rewarding their efforts with delectable surprises.

Restful Moments:

Encouraging regular breaks ensures they have ample opportunity to recharge and unwind, striking the perfect balance between play and relaxation.

Hydration Check:

Their water bowls are spotless and consistently filled, guaranteeing they stay hydrated and healthy throughout the day, and ice cubes are placed in the bowl during hot weather.

Affectionate Gestures

Tender nose kisses and generous cuddles are shared abundantly, showering them with love and reassurance in your absence.

Keeping in touch

Regular updates flow to you, their loving hooman, so you can share the joy of their holiday adventures and stay connected even when miles apart.


We ensure that the property remains safe and secure while you are away. We will turn lights on and off, draw the curtains, bring in the post, etc., and put out the bins when they are due.

Watering plants

Watering indoor plants or the garden garden is not just a chore but an act of nurturing the beautiful outdoor space.

Every detail and moment is crafted with love and dedication to ensure your animals receive the pinnacle of care and attention throughout their stay. The goal? Nothing short of a five-star butler service for your precious pets, where comfort, happiness, and well-being take centre stage.

When you entrust your furry companions to my care, rest assured they are experiencing the epitome of pampering and love in your absence. It’s not just a service; it’s a heartfelt commitment to ensuring they receive the utmost care and joy while you’re away.

So, here’s to creating memories, forging bonds, and providing an unforgettable pet holiday experience. Even in your absence, your pets will feel cherished, adored, and truly at home—thanks to the love and care of a dedicated pet butler like me. 🐾💖