Training and Socialising Walks for Rescue Dogs

Training and Socialising Walks for Rescues: Unlocking the Potential of Your Beloved Companion

If you’ve adopted a rescue dog, you know they can be the most loving and loyal companions once they feel safe and secure. However, the journey to socialising and training them can sometimes be challenging.

That is where I can help; having had rescues for over 25 years, I specialise in one-to-one solo walks for nervous, timid or reactive dogs. I also train and socialise rescue dogs to help them settle in and become a loyal and loving companion.

With a lifetime of experience owning rescue dogs and having helped out with Tip Top Dog School for over six years, I understand the commitment and effort required to help these dogs adjust to their new lives. He has also undergone various training modules, including the highly regarded Dog Training College’s course on reactive rascals and Canine Principals’ courses on understanding reactive dogs and canine enrichment. As well as various courses on canine body language, I have also done some Tellington Ttouch with Xtra Dog. My ongoing training and deep passion for rescues make me the perfect partner on your journey with your rescue dog.

Whether you’re considering getting a rescue dog or have recently brought one into your home, my Rescue Dog Socialising Training Walk package is tailored to meet your needs. It is important to note that I will only use kind, force-free, science-based methods and will NOT use any kind of e-collar, shock, collar, prong collar or check/semi-check collars.

What areas can the training and socialise rescue dog package help with

During our time together with your rescue dog, here are a few areas I can assist you with

Stopping Jumping Up:

Jumping up can be a common issue in all dogs but especially rescue dogs. I can help you with practical techniques to discourage this behaviour, ensuring a more controlled and calm greeting.

Focus and Attention:

Building your dog’s focus and attention skills is crucial for their overall obedience and safety. I will help your dog develop better focus, which in turn will improve recall and help them avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Introducing them to Other Dogs:

Rescue dogs may have had limited socialisation experiences, leading to fear or anxiety around other dogs. Our gradual introduction techniques will help them build positive associations and become more comfortable in the presence of canine companions.

Getting them Used to City Life:

London can be scary, and your rescue dog may need help and reassurance to adapt to city life—the noises, traffic, and stimuli. With my training and socialising package, I will safely expose them to these elements and gradually help them become more confident and comfortable.

London Transport Training:

Navigating public transportation with a dog can be a challenge, but even if you have a car, you never know when you may need to get a bus. We’ll provide guidance on getting your rescue dog accustomed to travelling on London transport, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both of you.

In addition to these specific focus areas, our Rescue Dog Socialising Training Walk package includes a block of six one-on-one walks with me and your dog. The last two walks will also involve you, allowing you to ask questions and learn some techniques I have used with your furry friend. This will then be followed by a comprehensive review and discuss any further assistance you may require.

But my support doesn’t end there. You’ll also receive unlimited WhatsApp support throughout the six walks and two months later. This means that whenever you have a question or need advice, send us a message or voice note, and we will try and help.

As a bonus, you’ll receive a collection of games specially created to keep your dog mentally engaged and entertained, fostering a stronger bond between you and your beloved companion.

Unlock the full potential of your rescue dog with our Training and Socialising Walks package. Let us guide you and your furry friend on a rewarding journey towards a balanced and joyful life together.

What’s the cost

The cost of the above package is xxx, and after six weeks, we will review it if you need further help or so contact us today if you are interested in this or any of our other services.

In our journey of working with your rescue dog during walks or training sessions, I want to emphasize the importance of employing gentle and positive approaches. I am committed to utilizing only force-free methods that are rooted in scientific evidence. You can trust me not to resort to harmful tools such as prong collars, shock collars, or choke chains. Instead, I rely on compassion, patience, and effective techniques to ensure a safe and happy experience for your furry friend. Let’s embark on this adventure together, keeping kindness and science at the core of our practices!


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