A quick insight to life as a dog walker

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derek-chambers-finchley-dog-walker-1-1-1024x1024 A quick insight to life as a dog walker

So you’re considering hiring me as your “Dog Walker”? Brilliant – welcome to my website where you will get to know me and how my business operates. Although I’m a professional, qualified Dog Walker, who, if I didn’t have a living to earn charging you money for pet sitting and dog walks, I’d truthfully most likely walk your dog for no charge! Dog walking isn’t a career choice that people turn to just to make a few pounds; No, in the main we are dedicated animal lovers who do a job that we love while getting paid for what we enjoy.

There are few things as a Dog Walker that we need to carry out our work – of course, a dog, a leash and house keys, but there are a few other things to take into consideration, that would make my working day a whole lot easier.

More Flexibility

When I’m walking a dog, who knows what we can encounter on our daily walks. He may need longer to take a sniff around the park, or we may meet another doggy pal and partake of a bit of canine socialisation, meaning that we could be slightly late for our next Client collection time. Of course, I try and allow for this in my schedule, but please note that a little bit of flexibility can help an awful lot.

If you cancel your walk, please give me advance notice

I don’t charge if a dog walk is cancelled with a minimum notice of 48 hours, but many other dog walkers will do, and of course with just cause, as with such little notice, it’s difficult to schedule any other dog in. Likewise, with house sitting, I ask for a minimum cancellation period of fourteen (14) days.

Let me know about your dog’s character and personality traits

It’s vitally important that you let me know about any characteristic peculiarities that may make your dog unsuitable for pet sitting or walking, including the lack of house training, anti-social behaviour with other dogs and children, if prone to loud barking or have any health issues.

Many of my dog walks are taken with a sole dog, but I need to know if your dog is adventurous, predatory or territorial, to make our walks as much fun and as pleasant as possible.

Your Dog Walker also likes a holiday

Although they seem very few and far between, we all need a little break from our routine to unwind and re-energise. If I’m going to be unavailable for regular dog walking,

I will suggest a trustworthy person replace me. Likewise, if you’re planning your annual holiday, please give me plenty of advance notice.

I understand your dog’s body language

As I’ve been around dogs for many years, and have my own pets too, I’m more highly in tune with a dog’s body language and can usually predict when a canine is likely to bite, or is frightened..

I will also often notice changes in your dog’s health before you do, such as a limp, rashes or insect bites. If I notice anything untoward, I will alert you so that you can take further advice for your Vet if needed.

Please don’t mind if I need to use your bathroom

As my daily, working environment is usually on the street, common or in the parks walking your dogs, I don’t usually have access to salubrious public conveniences. On an odd occasion, I may need to use your toilet when returning your dog to your home – I hope you wouldn’t mind?

Now that I’ve given you a short insight into my daily world as a Dog Walker, you should feel totally confident about the first-class standard of care that your pet is getting. Of course, if you have any queries or are unsure about any aspect of the care I give to your pet, please ask me to explain and give you more details. If you currently don’t have a Dog Walker who obviously and openly feels this way and interacts affectionately with your dog, please feel free to contact me or read more about why you should use Finchley dog walker for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services and some of our testimonials.

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