Are you ready for a Scooby Snack?

20140815_134656-e1408128299372-224x300 Are you ready for a Scooby Snack?We’ve all had the feeling, haven’t we, that what’s really needed after a good walk with our dogs is somewhere to sit and have a great coffee; where the dog isn’t regarded as public enemy number one.  Well, search no more.  Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Shop is here to save the day.

Scooby’s is on London Evening Standard’s list of best cult cafes with benefits and it is easy to see why.  Situated on Fortis Green Road and close to popular dog walking areas like Ally Pally and Coldfall Woods, it’s perfect for meeting friends both human and dog.  Owner Lisa provides a warm, friendly welcome and her lovely wire-haired Fox Terrier Florence is on hand to make your pooch feel at home.  Florence also happens to be chief doggy treat tester for the huge range of scrummy morsels on offer for your dog’s delectation.

And what a choice there is!  Lisa provides comfortable mats for dogs to rest on while they’re enjoying maybe a lollypup, or perhaps a freshly-baked cheese bone.  What about a roast chicken muffin washed down with a puppachino.  You and your friends could get together for an afternoon doggy tea party with puppachinos and liver cakes.

The humans are not forgotten in all this scrumptiousness.  The place is done out in a retro style with comfy chairs and free wi-fi.  There is a wonderful selection of teas and coffees, or lemonade for those lovely warm summer afternoons.  The menu offers a selection of toasted sandwiches, from around £4 and delicious cakes, from £2.  The lemon drizzle cake in particular is worth a jog around the park any day!  Of course, if you’re in a rush you can get your coffee and cake to go, but it would be a real shame not to take time out and just relax and watch the world go by instead.
Afterwards you could take a look at the stylish and colourful range of accessories for dogs which Lisa has on offer.    Dogs are always partial to a brand new squeaky toy or new collar and it is great to be able to treat them now and again.  And this is not forgetting the pawty rings or cupcakes which you could take home so your dog can enjoy them all over again.

Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Shop is such a great idea and a great meeting place I can’t imagine why there isn’t one on every street.


You can even have a doggy party

ripsparty-300x224 Are you ready for a Scooby Snack?

Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Shop
224/228 Fortis Green Road
Muswell Hill
London N10 3DU.

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