Challenge yourself and your dog to do something different – discover a new activity

For most pet owners, our dogs are some of the most precious things in our lives, and making sure that they are healthy and happy is top of the list for devoted pet owners.

  • Dogs get bored with the same daily routine, just like humans
  • Just as it’s important to exercise their bodies, it’s also necessary to expose them to new things
  • Bored dogs show destructive behaviours – they will take out their negative energy on your furniture and possessions

Our main aim is to boost their wellbeing, take care of their health and keep them from becoming bored. Why not challenge yourself and your pet to discover a new activity that you can do together?

Here are some of my suggestions for enjoyable, fun-filled activities:

Dog Agility

Agility trials can be done for both fun and competitiveness. As a handler, you will guide your dog through various obstacles consisting of climbing structures, weave poles, balance beams, tunnels and hurdles. Your dog will learn how to stay focussed while gaining confidence and using up lots of energy.

Animal- Assisted Activities

Health facilities, such as nursing homes and hospitals, use visits from handlers and dogs to promote patient social skills and to improve mood. Patients are usually allowed to pet and cuddle the dogs, which benefits any animal lover. Many residents are encouraged to leave the confines of their bedrooms, and contact with a friendly canine can help them recover faster from a stroke or surgery. In some circumstances, the owners and dogs may need their credentials checked before they can enter the premises.

Explore a new city or town

Your dog will be happy to walk anywhere with you, but exploring a new location can make a day out more interesting for you. Become a tourist for the day, take some photographs of your dog in unusual settings, or find a tea shop that will allow your dog to visit too.

Take a day trip to the beach

Even if your dog hasn’t visited the seaside before, you can be sure he will love a gallop along the beach, chasing the waves. The sea may be too chilly for a swim, but you can take off your shoes and paddle along the shoreline while your dog chases a ball into the waves. Finish your day with ice cream or fish and chips as you watch the sun go down.

Go camping

What a brilliant way to spend quality time with your dog outdoors. Check first that the campsite welcomes dogs before you pitch your tent. Your dog will love being cosy with you in the tent and enjoy sausages cooked on the campfire. If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, some Bed & Breakfast properties allow pets to stay in their owner’s rooms overnight.

Create a social media fan page

Many dogs have their own Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram page, with some having many thousands of followers. Begin by taking lots of funny pics of your dog and sharing them on social media. If you can add a blog or creative updates, all the more fun. It won’t be long before your pooch is a social media star!

There are of course many other activities that you can enjoy with your best friend:

  • Play hide and seek
  • Play fetch for as long as your dog wants
  • Take a long country hike
  • Teach him a new trick
  • Share your lunch
  • Take a picnic together
  • Bake a doggy cake
  • Enjoy a fancy steak dinner
  • Climb a mountain
  • Play football
  • Enter a dog show

Time that we spend with our canine friends can quickly zoom by – one minute they are tiny puppies, the next they’re beginning to age with grey muzzles. Don’t worry, though. There are plenty of years in between to enjoy lots of amazing challenges together. Just remember that some of the activities should be things that your dog would love to do too!

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