Collecting a urine sample from your dog

Collecting a urine sample from your dog

Collecting an urine sample can be a bit tricky so it’s a good idea to know how to get one before you need to. Your dog is going to think you are a bit strange following  him or her about with a container!
Items that you will need :
  1. urine-sample-with-crystals-in-vial-free-from-wikimedia Collecting a urine sample from your dogA clean sealable container – even better if you have an actual specimen pot from the vet to put the sample in
  2. A cup,saucer,ladle or plastic container to catch the sample in
  3. You may want to use a pipette to transfer the sample of urine in to the pot
 How to catch the sample :


1/ I would keep very quiet as you follow your dog around and don’t make sudden movements as this may well cause your dog to change his or her mind
2/Generally male dogs are easier as you can slide the saucer under his stream and hey presto! you’ve got your sample
3/Female dogs is a little trickier and the best way to approach is from behind her as she squats out of her view and quietly slide in beneath her
4/Transfer the urine to the specimen pot by using a pipette or by pouring it very carefully in
Do check what time of day your vet would like the sample taken.They don’t always want the first one of the day as it is more concentrated. If you are unable to drop the sample off to the vet immediately you can store the pot in  a sealed plastic bag in the fridge.

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