Cross Breed Dogs

Cross Breed Dogs – The Dog for the 21st Century

As a London Dog walker covering Finchley and surrounding areas I am coming across new cross breeds every day. Some of these seem to be done for fashion and others have been done with a purpose (such as the pug as they are trying to breed the breathing problems out of them

The most common cross breeds seem to be crossed with a poodle which I can only presume is because as a rule Poodles don’t moult and are an intelligent dog

Some of the best known cross breeds are the “Cockerpoo”, the “Labadoodle “Golden Doodle” and the “Puggle.” The thinking behind these crosses is fairly obvious: wouldn’t it be nice to have a Golden Retriever’s personality and willingness to please combined with the Poodle’s non-shedding coat and intelligence? Wouldn’t it be equally delightful to have a small dog without the breathing issues of a Pug, but quieter than a Beagle?

However, because they are cross breeds no-one can guarantee that you won’t get a nosy, stubborn dog that sheds hair all over the house One thing you must make sure you do when getting cross breeds or indeed any dog is to meet both parents as this will give you an idea of the kind of dog you will get

If you are considering getting one of these cross breed dogs such as a cokerpoo then make sure you meet both parents to give you an idea of the type of dog and like everything else you do your research on the breeds that make up the hybrid – you will get a mixture of the two. And an equally adorable mixture may be waiting for you at your local shelter – the size you want, with the coat you want and the adorable face that melts your heart.


If you do consider a Cockerpoo then try the Cokerpoo Club of GB