Dog Theft Awareness Day – March 14th 2017

Over the last 3 year period, it is reported that Dog Theft has risen by an alarming 24 percent. This now well-organised offence with high rewards, is no longer just an opportunist crime, which frequently leaves the owners feeling distraught as a result of the loss of their beloved, family pet.

 Parliamentary awareness

Hosted by Gareth Johnson, MP for Dartford, it is hoped that this Dog Theft Awareness Day will convey the issue to the attention of nationwide MPs, who will be encouraged to attend presentations on the day to hear from police officers, Marc Abraham, celebrity vet and members of the public involved in the campaign against this increasing crime. Gareth Johnson, MP, has previously raised the issue in Parliament, and is eager to bring about tougher sentences for those involved in dog theft offences and to support the work of SAMPA (Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance).

Police statistics

Dog theft crime, in the majority of cases, goes unpunished with just a few cases actually reaching the courts. Varying statistics provided by Police forces nationwide, show that the incident of dog theft is documented rather than the enormity of the situation. “Theft by finding”, where a missing dog is taken and either sold on, kept as a pet or used for breeding purposes is not normally recorded as a crime. Dogs are regarded as goods, like a mobile phone or laptop, and any sentence imposed is usually based on the value of the dog, not on the massive impact and emotional toll on the family who lose a part of their family.

Make sure your MP attends

As a responsible, caring dog owner, if you want to see changes for compulsory microchip scanning, re-classification of dog theft and tougher dog theft legislation – please contact your MP now and make sure he attends the Dog Theft Awareness Day on March 14th. Your MP is more likely to come along and discover more about dog theft if they are invited personally by their constituents.

How to contact your MP

Use the link on website below to find out who your local MP is – just enter your postcode:

Sample text to use for your correspondence

Dear …………. MP,

As a responsible dog owner, I am asking if you would attend The Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance at a drop in event and photo call for Dog Theft Awareness Day. This will taking place on March 14th, 2017, in Room R, Portcullis House, 12.00 – 15.00.

Over the last 3 years, Dog Theft has increased by a massive 24%. Compulsory scanning of microchips, better theft detection and tougher sentences are all needed to improve this problem that affects many individuals and families following the theft of their beloved dog.

As my Member of Parliament, I would be obliged if you would attend this Dog Theft Awareness Day where you can speak to a victim of dog theft and a representative of SAMPA (Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance) to discover how you can support these issues.

Please RSVP to [email protected]

Kind Regards


Find your MP’s Twitter address here –

Sample Text

[@MPname] as my MP, please join @sampauk_ for #DogTheftAwarenessDay on 14 March in Room R, Portcullis House 1200-1500

We all need to act together to raise awareness surrounding Dog Theft, and to put an end to these heart-breaking crimes.



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