A Home Owners Checklist

Before you leave – a checklist for homeowners.

So your suitcase is packed, your pets are clued up that you’re leaving them, and plans are in place for their priority care and attention from Finchley Dog Walker. We ask you to note several points as you prepare to hand over the care of not only your much-loved pets to us but also your home.

Put together an information pack.

It’s much easier if all of your information is stored together in a handy folder, perhaps with A4 plastic sheets inside. You can keep and add to this folder in years to come, providing very detailed information for your house sitter. and make sure you read our pet sitting checklist

Your contact details

Please provide at least two contact telephone numbers and an email address if you would like your house and pet sitter to send you regular updates. An alternative number of a friend or someone to contact in an emergency is also required, just in case we cannot make contact with you.

Visitor’s policy

Please confirm your consent for allowing any visitors to your property in your absence. Please also inform us of any regular visitors we can expect, such as the gardener or cleaner, so we are aware of their scheduled visits.

Rooms and contents out of bounds

We respect your privacy while house sitting, but ask that you make us aware of any rooms you don’t wish us to enter or any items or appliances you don’t want us to use.

Make others aware that you are leaving.

It would be best to let your neighbours know that you have a house sitter present during your absence, and likewise it’s advisable to inform your house insurance company.

Preparing your home

Common sense prevails here when you have someone else moving into your home while you are not present, but we would ask that you consider the following to make the interchange as smooth as possible, so there are no misunderstandings on either side.

  • Store away your precious possessions – accidents do happen, so it’s best to remove anything you value, including breakables.
  • Clean your home and garden – your house sitter has agreed to maintain your property in the same condition that they found it.
  • Contents of your fridge – you may wish to remove any perishable food items or leave a note to let your house sitter know these items have been left for their consumption.
  • House security and remotes – make your house sitter aware of your house alarm system and any remote controls you have for garage access if you store any cleaning or pet items in there.
  • Clean linen and towels
  • Spare keys – please leave details of a friend or neighbour who holds an extra set of keys to your property.
  • Wi-fi password and TV access instructions
  • Garden tools and equipment – if garden care is included in your house sitter’s agreement, please leave the grass cutter and other tools easily accessible and with full instructions for use.
  • Indoor plants – leave notes If these require any special care other than watering.
  • Bird feeders – do you require these to be topped up during your absence? If so, please leave adequate supplies.
  • Gas and Electric – please advise where the meters are for these utilities and the water turn off stop cock tap.
  • Central Heating and Hot Water – please leave instructions for use
  • Rubbish and Recycling – please supply details of days of collection
  • You have completed your Pet Checklist detailing any special requirements for your pet’s care

That’s about it! If you’ve considered this list and made plans as best you can, you can go off on your holiday or weekend break, safe knowing that your pet and house sitter has all the information they need to provide their best duty of care for your home and pets.

Please note that we also offer other pet care services and you can always contact us with questions

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