Pet Sitting Services Check List

Finchley Dog Walking  House Checklist

When Finchley Dog Walker provides a dog sitting service to our clients, we like to do an initial meet and greet with your furry best friend to familiarise and get to know each other.

When you plan to hand your beloved pet and your home over to a third party, even someone that has lots of previous experience and has provided references as a Professional Dog Walker and Pet Sitter, there is still certain important information that we need you to provide.

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Many of our clients prefer to drop their keys to their home off to me, especially if I’m taking care of your cat, but can I please ask you to ensure that the keys are in an envelope with your pet’s name and your surname written on the envelope. This avoids any confusion and mix up.

Contact Numbers

Whilst you are away, please make sure we have at least two, up to date contact numbers for you, and if travelling abroad, please also leave details of an alternative contact we can get hold of in the UK, in case of emergency.

It is also important that we are aware of your preferred Vet’s details (Otherwise, we will go to The Finchley Vet) along with details of any Emergency Plans you have in place.

The booking form covers most of the information we need to know about the care of your furry friend and your house whilst you are away.  However, please ALWAYS double-check and confirm your booked dates via email and text to avoid any confusion on either side.

Please also make sure that the following are easily available along with anything else we may need/require during the visit so that we can provide our VIP care service whilst you are away from home.

Pet Sitting – Cats and Dogs

  1. Details of   feeding requirements – Where we can find their food and details of times of feeding so we can keep to your routine as much as possible
  2. Food Bowls – It is always a good idea to provide a spare in case of problems
  3. Toys and Treats – Leave in an easily accessible place
  4. Where does your pet like to sleep – Is he allowed onto the furniture or to go upstairs?
  5. Details of all medications and instructions for use -Please make a list of what medication you give your dog if the dog gets sneezy or has a bellyache? How do you give meds should they be needed?
  6. Emergency spare key – I’m only human after all, and accidents do happen, and we all lock ourselves out from time to time.  Please supply a spare key that can be kept at my home address safely and for use in any such emergency.
  7. Visitors – Please provide details of any visitors that may come during our stays, such as the Cleaner or Gardener.  This will prevent any problems and even the possibility of the police being called if I am not expecting their visit.
  8. Refuse collection days – Details of the days that bins are collected so they may be put out as normal.
  9. Wi-Fi password – Access your Wi-Fi so we can, if required, email you photos and updates.

Our homeowners’ checklist is worth looking at

Dogs Only

Specific brand name for food and treats your pet usually eats – It is important to ensure good health that we know of any brands and treats to avoid if the food runs out.

List of things to avoid along the walking route – As an experienced Dog Owner (over 30 years including reactive dogs) and dog walker, I understand that not all dogs get on with each other for whatever reason (the same as humans).  So that we can try and avoid any problems, please let us know if we are likely to see anyone on our walks that should be avoided or if we should avoid a particular park or a specific street.  All these things that people do NOT think of can make our VIP service that much better and easier.

Cat sitting  Only

    1. In the case of an indoor cat, then please ensure plenty of cat litter tray liners and cat litter is provided.
    2. Small bags or nappy sacks for disposing of cat litter/cat mess etc.
    3. Black Bin bags
    4. Details of what days the bins are collected so that any rubbish/waste does not hang around longer than needed
    5. Dust Pan and Brush
    6. Floor Cloths
    7. Cleaning material (if needed)

As well as House and pet sitting we also provide cat sitting and other pet care services

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