DogHorn Groups Challenge Dog Thieves

Dog communities all across the country are beginning to take a stand against a rise in dog thefts. Rather than simply standing back and letting dogs be taken, there is a system being designed that is similar to a neighbourhood watch but ultimately does have more specific connotations for dog owners.

Protecting Dogs and Owners

 The fundamental aim of the movement is to make sure the dog owners have the confidence to go back outside without having to worry about thieves. Via the use of whistles, having a code to raise awareness, walking in groups of people, and utilising a broad selection of tactics means that fellow dog owners can go outside and not have to worry about thieves and being cornered.

The organisation responsible for doing this is called DogHorn. It was created in November of 2020 by a man called Nigel King after a family friend had their dog stolen, or presumed to be back in November of that year. The campaign has generated millions of followers, and a mass outbreak of support.

About DogHorn

I have joined up with DogHorn, and I’m working in the Finchley and Muswell Hill area of London Each group of people operates in a different area, and we identify ourselves based on location, so there are some people who work down in the London area, there are others who work in the Kent area, it’s spreading out as far as possible.

The fundamental aim of the organisation is to make sure that dog owners can connect with professionals and support networks who can help them to feel confident. Whether this is teaching tactics, or helping them acquire the correct resources, the aim is to take back control of our ability to go out for walks. Dog thieves have literally driven animals and owners inside out of fear, and this cannot continue.

We have a code of practice that uses things like teamwork, visibility, and sound to stop theft. This type of system has been in place for years now and it is pretty much just being adapted for a modern audience so you don’t have to worry about it.

It’s all about raising an alarm with no hesitation – phones and social media are all too slow in the moment. The tools that DogHorn provide to dog owners go off automatically which means that you’ll have your defence ready to go within a second. Plus, the sound can be cascaded on the devices of any other responders in the area so you can get the support you need to make it all a reality.

The great thing about having a DogHorn System is that it is highly adaptable and very flexible and it comes to noise. It doesn’t have a delay in place, but you do get access to an alarm system that is going to dissuade any potential thief from making a move.

Obviously, I am super excited to be working with the company, I look forward to providing resources and training to people across the London area, and I just wanted to share this wonderful piece of news with you all.