Easy Ways to Enrich Your Dogs Day

dog-ball Easy Ways to Enrich Your Dogs DayIf you have to be out at work all day then I’m sure you’ll be kept as busy as you need to be. But what about your dog, stuck at home with nothing to do just waiting for you to walk back through the door?

It ‘s true that most dogs will spend a good part of their day asleep but during their waking hours they need to be stimulated in order to stave off boredom and stress. We all know what carnage can be wreaked upon a home by a stressed and bored canine! So I’ve come up with a few ways to keep Fido happy.

Keep the TV On

If your dog is a telly addict – and some are – leave the TV playing to keep him amused. Believe it or not you can buy DVDs for dogs to watch – check out Amazon! If you know your pooch is inclined to lunge at things on the TV this may not be suitable though; try leaving a radio on instead.

Toys Toys Toys!

There are lots of interactive and activity toys available in pet stores which your dog can play with while you’re out. Be careful of those with small or sharp parts which could get swallowed. A Kong filled with treats like peanut butter, cheese, and favourite meats and then frozen will keep most dogs occupied for a good while. But again don’t include anything which he may choke on. That goes for toys too, especially soft toys which are easy to tear apart. Balls offer hours of fun to roll them around and chase. Make sure the ball is of a good size and can’t be accidentally swallowed. Nylabones are perfect for dogs that need to chew and come in different flavours to keep his attention.

Never forget that a healthy, intelligent dog will, if left unoccupied will always make his own entertainment and that could be very expensive on the household furnishings. One of the best things you can do for him is to hire a dog walker to take him for a daily walk while you’re out or send him to doggy day care – excellent for dogs that can’t bear to be left alone.


As an experienced  dog walker covering Finchley I know that a tired dog is a happy and contented one and a greeting from a happy dog at the end of the day is worth coming home to.

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