Fun summer games for you and your dog to try


When the sun comes out and summer is here, there are many ways you can keep your canine friend entertained. Why not try some of these great summer activities and let your pooch enjoy the summer as much as we all do!


swimming-300x224 Fun summer games for you and your dog to tryYour dog may enjoy a trip to the beach or a local lake. Sending a ball out into the water for them to retrieve is a way to keep it fun, and your dog will certainly be well exercised after a trip out to the water. If you are worried about locating your dog in the water, or your dog tiring, you can buy dog floatation jackets bright colours, making it easy to spot your four legged friend in the water.

Ball games

The warm weather gives you the opportunity to go out and about the park. Vary the object you throw for your dog; you could maybe try a frisbee or get a ball thrower which has a plastic arm so that you can throw the ball even further for your pet to chase. Dogs will enjoy running around and chasing balls with other dogs so try to meet up with other pet owners to make the trip even more fun for your pet.



agility-225x300 Fun summer games for you and your dog to tryWhen the warmer weather comes, you may find that here are local agility clubs hosting events outdoors for your dog to try. At these clubs, dogs learn how to run through tunnels, jump over obstacles and even weave through poles. Your pet will have a chance to socialise with other animals, whilst exercising their body and their mind.


Water fun at home

If your pet likes water, they will certainly enjoy a paddling pool in the garden and a hose with sprinkler for them to run through. You can place some of their favourite toys in the paddling pool for them to fetch, and let them get wet whilst having fun. You can get different types of attachment for your garden hose which will have water spraying everywhere and your dog playing happily outdoors.



If the outdoors is something you enjoy too why not take your dog on a hike up the nearest (big) hill or mountain. Many paths designed for walking or hiking are pet friendly and have places you can stop for a rest or a quick drink. You can get your dog their own little backpack so that they can carry their own food and drink. If you are feeling brave, why not bring your tent and camping gear along and sleep in the outdoors; both you and your dog will have a good night’s sleep after all that fresh air and exercise!

Whatever you do with your dog this summer that heat is not good for dogs so remember to keep you and your faithful friend safe in the sun and well hydrated and you’re sure to have a great summer.

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