Kennel Cough Remedies

Some Natural  Ways to Help Kennel Cough

If you think that your dog has developed kennel cough then you should take him to your vet who may decide that a course of antibiotics is an appropriate line on treatment.

Do tell them before you go as kennel cough is very contagious and they may well not want you in the waiting room with other dogs.

There are remedies that may well help support your dog alongside conventional medication.


A daily dosage of Garlic has always been our favourite method for both preventing and treating coughs and other problems.

Please note that high doses of raw garlic can be toxic so use appropriate forms such as Dorwest Herbs

Garlic has long been known for its anti-biotic and anti-viral properties and also has anti-inflammatory compounds. Fenugreek seeds also contain anti- inflammatory properties.

Using tablets from somewhere like Dorwest Herbs they can help relieve the symptoms of minor infections such as skin conditions, eczema, cystitis and coughs, this stronger garlic tablet is also used in the treatment of arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

When given regularly at the maintenance dose Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets increase resistance to infections by stimulating the immune system.


Peppermint can help to relieve sore throat and make breathing much easier. Make it into tea with a little honey and hot water. When it is cool use droppers to give your pet a few drops every hour or so, you’ll soon notice a difference.

Raw Honey

We all know that if we have a sore throat then warm honey can help to relieve the symptoms and it is exactly the same for your pet. Manuka honey in a little  warm water and given regularly will help with soreness.
If your dog seems reluctant to have a drink you could use a medicine dropper to give them some of the sweet solution every few hours.

Yerba Santa

Yerba Santa can help relieve phlegm.Make this into a tea and add a few drops to water every hour. This works as a mild decongestant which can really help to relieve your pets symptoms.

Wild Cherry Bark

It can be quite bitter – just try to encourage it as much as possible. It can really help to reduce an inflamed throat for your dog, just follow the recommended dosage for children and mix with a little water!

These are just some of the natural treatments you can use to help relieve the symptoms of kennel cough.
Remember that some of dogs will respond better to treatments than others, so if you find your dog isn’t responding to one type of natural treatment don’t give up, instead try something else until your pet starts to feel better.
Natural remedies should not be used instead of conventional medicine

If you use a Dog Walker or attend training classes and suspect Kennel Cough please let them know immediately so they can discuss a suitable plan with you.